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orange bliss

This is a juice drink

cookie collection

From the baking book. You can add chocolate chips, cocoa powder, cocnut, cinnamon...etc. as an option for a flavor you can add to batter or on top of cookie.

Banana bread

Batter up kids delicious desserts

Totally tea cake cookies

From batter up kids delicious desserts

Chocolate chip cookies

Batter up kids Delicious Desserts

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

From the book Ultimate bread.

Victorian Milk Bread

From Basic breads book

Swedish Dill Bread

From Ultimate Bread book

Basic Bread

From Ultimate Bread, just a simple basic bread. You can replace the milk with water, however the milk will give you a softer crumb. You can also use yogurt, or buttermilk in place of the milk.

Soup w/chicken and evaporated milk

Tried to make Tuscan soup and this was the result. Since I didn't have sausage, and I added some veggies. You can add beans if you want to turn this into a vegetarian dish.

Penne with chicken sauce

from the Ronzoni box, put chicken in place of ground beef

Mom's best waffles

I found this on It is an easy recipe, even for someone who has never made waffles from scratch. You can always replace the sugar with splenda, and the eggs with egg beaters. I just switched out the milk for skim and added vanilla. We all loved it for breakfast


Simple pita recipe

Quaker Oats Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

This is the recipe on the bottom of the lid, a great thing for parties, and class events. This is a double recipe.

Vegetable Fried Rice

From Taste of Home Everyday Light Meals, we tried it and LOVED it!!! the recipe called for Teriyaki sauce rather than soy sauce, and hot pepper sauce, if you would like to add them the Teriyaki sauce is 3 Tablespoons, and the hot pepper sauce is 1/4 teaspoon.

Blueberry muffins

Blueberry muffins made with cake mix

Fake blueberry cobbler

This was an experiment, but it turned out great!

Chicken soup with couscous

Found this in a book ' the food of morocco' We all thought it tasted amazing! My kids loved it, and I thought it would even work well without any meat. The fresh mint really adds a great kick to it.

Rice sticks stir fry

My husband brought home a bag of rice sticks, so this was my attempt on it!

Spinach with beef

This is a great way of getting in your veggies. We love spinach cooked up like this!

Orzo soup with chicken

My husbands mom used to make this for him when he was young. She usually uses beef, I just used chicken. I also used leftover chicken.

Trader Joe's Soba noodles

I love this Trader Joe's product, it has the sauce included. I just like to add some veggies and an extra protein.

Pumpkin cake

This is an experiment that turned out pretty good, great with a hot cup of coffee!
I tried it with cream cheese icing, but that isn't included in the nutritional info.

Banana Bread

This is from 'better homes and gardens new dieter's cookbook' Tasted really good, I think I will go with less sugar next time.

Amazing Lasagna

This is from the book ' new dieter's cookbook' It is a really yummy recipe, didn't take as much time to make, and by the time dinner was done the kids had cleaned the pan.

Very Good (1 rating)

Got this recipe from 'new dieter's cookbook' ended up really good, doesn't have that egg taste.

Blueberry gems

This is from a book 'new dieter's cookbook' I'm not a big baker but this turned out pretty good. You can reduce the serving size by making these smaller, the recipe does have 36 muffins made out of this, I made 12 though.

Mediteranian burgers

These are really yummy, I love love love how they taste. Once you have one of these you won't want fast food burgers. now If I can only figure out the fries lool

My take on stir fry

My family loves chinese food, and this is my take on stir fry. I don't usually have a lot of time, and so it is great to start this and just toss it together right before you eat. You can also add vegetarian egg rolls, and some pot stickers for a great meal. Hope it works well for you!

Laughing cow cheese Pasta

This is so good, I mean it tastes so rich and yet it isn't too bad calorie wise. If you use whole wheat pasta instead it is probably even better for you!

Very Good (1 rating)
Tuna mix

This is a tuna fish recipe my friend used to make with a whole lot more calories. But it tastes so good, this is my lower cal. recipe.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Soba noodles w/beef and veggies

A total experiment that turned out really good!

beef with black eye peas

this is almost like a thick stew, I love it with some rice and the longer you cook it the yummier it gets!

Chicken Catch all

I love this recipe, it is a great slow cooker meal. You can serve with pasta, or rice.

left over stir fry

When you have a bunch of left overs this is a great way to use them up. No one will know it is leftover unless you tell them :)

Chicken Fajita

If you like Mexican this is a healthy alternative

Chicken vegetable soup

Chicken vegetable, great way to get in your protein and veggies

Butternut squash soup

All veggie soup great for a cold day.

Turkey chorizo mix

This mix works great on pizzas, or in burritos. The Chorizo is spicy enough that you don't need to add any spices

Turkey casserole

This is a great way of getting finishing leftovers

Turkey casserole

This is a great way of getting finishing leftovers

Turkey with Cous Cous

A great way to use up Turkey. You can switch this up with your own favorite veggies

Turkey spiral soup

This is good for left over Turkey, the flavor gets even better if you had some lemon juice. You will want this when your sick rather than chicken noodle soup

Black Eye Beans with Beef

This is a recipe my mom used to make, we always have it with white rice.

Meat Lover's pizza

First Attempt at an at home pizza!

Meat Lover's pizza

First Attempt at an at home pizza!

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