Recipes I've Shared:

Chocolate Mousse Topping

This concoction is delicious and relatively healthy. Use to top ice cream, cake, pastries, etc. - or, mix in milk to make yummy chocolate milk! Also the perfect dip for fruit and nuts. Store in refrigerator.

Fennel Soup

So tasty, and so easy! From the Allrecipes site.

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Soda Apple Dumplings (with Sprite, 7Up, Sierra Mist, or Mountain Dew)

This is an adaptation of a tasty dessert that has been a raging success in the South for the last few years. :) I adapted it to be less sweet and fattening, and the lower sugar content is noticeable. It's about the right level of sweetness for a brunch dish or light dessert. If you want a sweeter taste, it's nice served with frozen vanilla yogurt. However, if you want the original recipe proportions so that the sugar carmelizes on the bottom of the pan (even yummier!), do this: 1) Increase butter to 1 C; 2) Replace fresh apples with canned, sweetened and spiced apples (for pie); 3) Add 1.5 C sugar; 4) Decrease soda to 12 oz. NOTE: This is not a low-calorie or healthy dessert, by any means! I just needed a way to use up some Sprite. Tasty to serve guests, but not kind to your body! You could also halve the serving size and just serve one crescent roll per serving instead of two.

Whole Foods Baked Oatmeal

This easy and tasty recipe for baked oatmeal uses whole, nutritious foods to make a delicious breakfast bake that fills you up! :) Each serving is a modest size, but feels like a lot when you eat it. The bake is fairly dense, with a nice, short-grain-rice-like texture.

It's a flan! It's a custard! It's... delicious!

I don't really know what to call this. The original recipe is called "Custard Pudding" on the recipecircus Web site. I am a huge flan fan, and this dessert really does remind me of flan. However, the ingredients are much more suitable for those desiring to use whole, unprocessed foods. No canned milk products here! :) Very nutritious if you agree with the "Nourishing Traditions" perspective on health. Plus, it's a breeze to make, and that's alway a plus! :)

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Rwandan Venison Stew

This is my adaptation of a recipe a Rwandan family taught me. They used chunks of stewed beef instead of venison, but venison is what I had in my freezer; hence the swap. :) It's delicious, and if the idea of adding peanut butter weirds you out, no worries. It adds creaminess to the dish, but you don't taste it and think, "Tastes like PB&venison." :) It is not eaten from a bowl like soup; rather, it is ladled over rice and eaten with a spoon.

Sourdough Pancakes

The batter for these pancakes is fermented overnight, making the wheat more easily digestible. These pancakes come out fluffy, but hearty. Plan for one or two per person. (Each recipe makes 4 pancakes, and 1 pancake is 1 "serving" in the nutritional calculations for this recipe.)

Applewood Wrap

I named this an Applewood Wrap because the food co-op I volunteer at had a sale on Applewood deli products, and I bought enough to make several of these yummy wraps. :)