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Sharba Houte- Libyan fish soup

This is similar to the recipe I was given just before I married my husband from Libya by another American/Libyan wife.

Cooking times not exact. Always taste & adjust spices to your taste. My measurements may be off as I tend to get inspired as I cook.

Spicy Black Bean Burgers

found on and altered to taste

Macaroona Bechamel- layered macaroni casserole w/ground beef

This is a dish common around at least North Africa. I encountered it in Libya.

Makes 9"x13" pan about 12 pieces.
Plain Bechemel Sauce
3 tbsp butter
3 tbsp flour
2 to 3 c milk warmed
melt butter add flour, whisk for about a minute, whisk in milk. Warm on med heat until it begins to thicken. Remove from heat.

Bechamel Sauce (Syeda's from Fanny Farmer Cookbook)

I got this from Fanny Farmer Cookbook. This is a very plain version to which I might add cheese, parsley or other ingredients depending on how I need to use the sauce.

Salata Arabia- diced veg salad

Traditional Mediterranean salad, often garnished with tuna in North Africa.

Cuminiya - Libyan Lamb stew

A Libyan favorite. This is my MIL's(Allah rahumha-RIP) recipe, passed to me by my SIL. My big change was I cook lower fat. They would have fried the onions in 1/4c or more of oil. They have fed as many as 20 people off this recipe served on Italian bread.

Serve to be dipped out with bread approximately 1c per serving. Can also be served as sloppy sandwiches.

Chile- Lamb, canned beans 12servings Big Family

I had lamb the day I made this. If I use dry beans I quick soak them then put everything in the pressure cooker for 20min. This is the slower version. I have a slow cooker but don't use it much.

Procrastinators unite... tomorrow.

Mac & Cheese, Syeda's

mac & cheese for the kids

Syeda's Simple Spagetti Sauce

The prep & cooking times are probably wrong. I've never timed myself cooking

Oatmeal & bulgar breakfast-2 servings

I make a double batch & put 1/2 in the fridge for tomorrow.

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