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Recipes I've Shared:

Pesto Lucia 10 gr per serving

(Grated Parmesan cheese should be added but I didn't just to cut down the calories, but it tastes delicious also without it) Suggestion: if you still feel like you can add the Parmesan on top once the dish is ready. If possible add far more fresh basil leaves. My plant doesn't have that many leaves so I use only a few at the time.

Coconut white brownie

low carb and monounsaturated fat sweet. Can be done in a pan and square it before serving or can be done in muffin tins.

Petra's cheese cake

We had a guest from Germany who baked this cake for us. It has no flour and it melst in your mouth.

Carrot Sponge Cake

This is a delicious, rich but also healthy company for any coffe or just as a snack. The original recipe asked for 3.5 oz of almonds instead of the walnuts, but I didnīt have any at home and the result was spectacular.
100 gr = 3.5 oz
This recipe was done for 2 servings, but they are too big for someone who wants to lose same weight. I could make 6 portions of a

shortbread recipe

This is a very rich recipe. But you get around 70 pieces and a total of around 65 calories for cookie. I tried with 2 cups of light margarine instead of the 1 butter and 1 margarine (as the recipe asks for) and it worked perfectly.

Pumpkin soup

IMPORTANT: In the ingredients it should say: 500 gr (1 pd) of raw pumpkin.
A quite simple and very nice pumpkin soup. As a Spaniard I am, I always use olive oil, you could use light butter o something similar.
To make it lighter you could use fat free cream instead.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Miscelaneous (sauces, pasta, quesadillas...etc)