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Recipes I've Shared:

Steamed Fried Egg

I like my fried egg to thoroughly cook and my brother taught me to be easy on the oil and still have delicious fried egg. Chopped tomatoes and bell peppers add a nice twist to the everyday boring fried egg.

Mediteranian Creamy Hummus

A very creamy hummus, taught to me by my mother.

Tangy Guacamole Dip

My sister made it once and the whole family went crazy about this dip.

Baked Lemony Spicy chicken

I combined some of the recipes from online and made my own, because I have different tastebuds and I am a little bit on the spicy side.

Salsa Tostadas with Light Sour Cream

I created this snack which takes only 10 minutes to prepare, and is too tasty to be true.

Mutton Shorva (Mutton Curry)

This is a Mutton curry made in pakistan and India.
You can eat it with fresh Roti/ Phulka/Chapati or Basmati Plain Rice.
It is Yummylicious!

Scrambled Eggs Fried in Water

Trying my best to use NO Fat or less Fat, so came up with scrambling eggs in some water. Basically I substituted oil with water.

Pakistani Masoor Daal

One of my favorite daal of my mom's, the garlic gives it a kick

Chicken Corn Soup

An all time favorite soup around the globe

Pakistani Salad to eat with Daal/chaawal

This is a salad or pronounced in Urdu (Salaad) goes very well with masoor daal (red lentil) and chaawal (rice). It is a little lemony and minty.

Khatti Masoor daal/ Sour Red lentil

This Khatti daal is the authentic Recipe of my dear mother in law from Hyderabad. Its basically Red Lentils cooked with spices, greens, and some tangy ingrediants like tamarind (Imli) and then tempered with some aromatic spices.

Fried Egg

A simple fried egg

Mom's Style Kidney Beans/Rajma

This is one of the best Vegetarian food that I grew up eating. My mom's delicious masala Kidney beans. Eat it with roti/phulka and its delicious.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Pakistani Vegetable Besan Pakoda

My mom's special extra tasty recipe for Besan Vegetable Pakoda. Note: The quantity of oil has been calculated according to the amount that was absorbed by the pakoda's after deep frying.

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