Recipes I've Shared:

joni's englilsh pizza

6 servings and only 177 cal. per serving

make this wonderful dish with any toppings you like. just remember to recalculate the calories...:0)

this would work good for vegan and gluten free if you just change a few ingredients...:0)

jonis vegy vegy soup

good for a cold winter day or when having friends over for a soup and sandwich lunch only 95 cal. per serving

yummy almond fruit smoothy

yummy..only 90 calories per serving (1 cup)

sweet and salty fried rice

this is not a low cal low sodium side due to the use of cooking with evoo but is it very healthy

you can make this dish with water and steam your vegies instead of fry them in a skillet you just have to stir stir stir so nothing burns and just use sae salt and no soy sause. its more sweet then salty, but its just as good.

joni's tofu quiche

this is a delishious alternitive for those who are gluten intolerant and have suffered from candida

joni's strawberri crumbel

very tasty with a scoop of ice cream or frozen yogurt... serve hot... makes 8 servings just 197 cal per serving

joni's banana oat and bran bars

you can make these as muffins, baking time is 25 min. but they must cool completely so they do not stick so bad to the time may vary in a 9x9 pan. test with a tooth pick

they are a little dense as a cup cake, they make better bars or bread...but they are good any way you fix them

joni's raspberrie dream moose

very light and creamy. only 85 cal. per serving. its almost like having a raspberrie cheese cake with out the mm good

honey nut and oats blender cookies

if you enjoy the taste and texture of macarroons, try this super-simple version

joni's vegy soup

mm good on a cold rainy day... homemade vegy soup

joni's egg noodle vegy soup

very taste but high sodium

joni's italian style vegy cassarole

delicious low cal main dish...

left over pot roast burrito

better than just a plain sandwich

joni's tuna fish sandwich filling

quick and easy low carb sandwich filling

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lil-angel-wings favorites
joni's cooked up things
trial and erro... you just never know what your going to get... but for themost part everything has been pretty good