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Beef Sramble

I found that I really enjoy the makings of the ingredients of making Chili before adding the beans and chili powder. So I thought why not have this as a dish also. Low carb.

Ground round Scrambled

Tasty ground round, that has been browned and rinsed to lower fat, saute' green pepper, onion, seasoning.
With Stewed tomatoes. Have this with a nice salad or green beans for a great low carb meal

Power Green plus Cubes for Smoothies

Because Kale and chard and spinach takes a lot of room in crisper. I take the whole back of earthbound power greens with some naked juice and some flax seed and I blend it down and freeze in cubes. So when I make my smoothies I just put in 4 cubes and the rest of my naked green machine and yogurt Ice and I'm good for the morning.

green machine,protein powder, celery beets,kale,

I also added some turmeric, cinnamin powder, flax seed


Oatmeal Cookies low carb

this is fast and easy and low carb. I also want to try putting in Flax seed but I was out for some crunch. Or nuts



Ham On Rye Sandwich

I only put this a one piece of rye because some of the beef steak rye is large and I fold over the piece. If that is the case make this 1/2 of serving and only 1 1/2 of ham

pumpkin raisins muffins

I made oat flour by blending the oats

peanut butter Celery

Great when you want something crunchy

Swiss Steak

This is a great recipe
If I use Sirloin steak I needle it on both sides.
If I use a 1/4 thick round steak I beat it to tenderize it

Because the potoes are in wedges its easy not to eat the potaoes or the carrots. Save for the rest of family

Crustless Deep Dish pizza

This tastes so good you will not miss the crust



Breakfast Custard

High proten low carb, slightly sweet.

Tuna Melt celery

You can save have of your tuna salad to make in a tomato latter or for another day. I always make 4-6 eggs and save to have in the fridge. You can take off 110 cal if you take off the cheese. 1serving is 2 muffen halfs.

Super taco Salad

This taco salad is doesn't look great but it tastes great. Because you should pre mix. You can take off 150 cal. if you use the low cal. 1000 island and fat free cheese.

Zesty cream Cheese Ham stack

flavorful appetizer, can be as a great complete snack.

Cold Samon Bisque

I make a whole samon a couple nights before on the grill for dinner. You can have this hot the night you make it, its very low carb. The treat is when you put this in the fridge and its cold, is sometimes make it more tangey with lemon. Its great thick and rich cold and satifying.

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