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Recipes I've Shared:

Baked Cauliflower with Wine and Blue Cheese

The baking liquid keeps the cauliflower from drying out, and the little bit of (raw, local) blue cheese adds a really unique flavor. You could also try a raw cheddar or even parmesan if you like it more mild.

Amazing Baked Turnips

I created this recipe to find a way to make those beautiful turnips at the market taste good... it was also a great 'comfort dish'. Not a light dish (think like scalloped potatoes), but in moderation, quite worth it!

Note: I ate the whole pan! This only makes enough for 1 - 2 people. You should double or triple for a family or friends.

Vegan Flourless Pancakes with Teff, Quinoa, and Pumpkin Seeds

This is a phase-1 friendly (I think) breakfast for those of you following the Elimination Diet in the wonderful Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook (you can find it on amazon). The Teff and Quinoa are whole grain, and I ground the pumpkin seeds to make a flour, though you can actually leave it out if you like -- keep in mind these take some patience as they have a relatively long cooking times!

I was inspired to make these after eating many bowls of gooey teff and thinking about potato latkes. So these are teff "latkes" of a sort.

Spinach Souffle

Good way to use up spinach and eggs!

(Corn-free) Migas Roll-ups

Any real latinas out there will know these are not exactly real migas. But I can't have real tortillas and these make a great high-protein and healthy breakfast. If you can eat tortillas, feel free to use them. I make them with my Buckwheat Crepes recipe (also gluten-free) and it is fantastic!! Also my recipes are usually for about 2 people, but should scale easily for a family of four by doubling.

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(Gluten-free) Buckwheat Crepes

These are wonderful for breakfast. Can add thyme to make them savory, or a bit of sugar for sweet. Also good as a tortilla substitute. Note I am not 100% on the nutrition info being correct - they did not have the flours, just the grains. Also, a serving is 2 crepes, so each is about 100 calories.

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Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Eileen's Gluten-Free, Corn-free High-Protein Breakfasts
I've been avoiding corn and gluten for some time now, and it really helps reduce my stomach issues. However, my diet tends to get too high in carbs (and low in protein and fiber) so I'm trying to develop some nutritious, whole-food based recipes for breakfast so I can get out of the oatmeal rut.
Eileen's Elimination Diet Recipes
Eileen's Yummy Veggie Recipes (gluten-free)
I'm experimenting a lot with creative ways to cook veggies from the local farmer's market... enjoy my 'successes'!