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basic beef bolognese

better than store bought and just about as easy. the sweetness of the carrot mellows the acid from the tomato and tomato paste. I make lots and freeze it or make lasagne, no added fat! I use turkey too but sometimes you just want that beefy flavour!

chanterelle risotto

I braised oxtail, defatted and used the stock from this.

Chinese red vinegar and anise chicken

really tasty chinese chicken dish with tasty broth. serve with brown rice and stirfried vegs

Jamie Oliver Ground Beef Wellington-with turkey

From Jamie's Food Revolution cookbook. My 15year old son said he would cook if he didn't have to do dishes and made this...and he hates cooking. Fantastic.great book for teaching people to cook

gf peach and banana muffins

bake on trays for muffin tops

sprouted wheat bread

super simple, don't need to knead. takes a little longer but no pressure

Turkey, Corn Tortilla Pie

spicy, gooey and filling. Surprizingly low calories for the amount of food!

pakoras lowfat

these are not deep fried so very light

low fat buttermilk granola

reduce the fat and use buttermilk to stick this granola together. this makes about 4 liters of dry crunchy granola. use honey, brown sugar, maple syrup, agave nectar or a combination. Essentially 10 cups oatmeal with 4 cups other ingredients, can be other grains, nuts, seeds etc plus 4 cups liquid. I am making this twice a week because my kids top their yogurt and icecream with it.

blueberry bran muffins - hi fibre and protien

these are quite big, not very sweet and made with real ingredients - no substitutes etc. I bake them on a bake sheet so that they are more like a muffin top than a muffin .

greek salad

I wanted a low fat, high flavour for an old favourite

wor wonton soup

We have this as a meal for 6 or appy for 12.

Vietnamese dipping sauce (fish sauce)

great on salad rolls, asian salads, spring rolls

slider burgers

put on your own toppings, these mini burgers are great. basic mini burgers

red pepper hummus

this recipe is super flavourful, has no added fat and gives a more than a 1/4 cup serving. serve with thin rice cakes. add toasted cumin, fresh parsley or curry powder for variations.

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