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Recipes I've Shared:

vegan tofu scramble

Great brunch or breakfast mix to start the day high in protein n other good for you nutrients I serve this and my husband still enjoys it better than his scrambled eggs.

Beef Irish Stew

a traditional food around the house for any time of season.

Lactose Free Pancakes

This is not your average pancake, this is one that my family enjoys and is baked in the oven. It makes a nice treat for any meal, not just breakfast. This recipe makes about 6 servings, which works well for a family of three or family of four. If making for two people just cut recipe in half.

Homemade Apple Crumble Pie

Its a pie, its a family tradition and its an occasional family treat that reminds many of us of our childhood spent cooking in the kitchen with a parent or grandparent. This is my take on my families old recipe (instead of apple juice and honey which my granny use to use I use water and an extra tsp of sugar and find it doesn't hurt the taste at all).

Veggie Cakes

my take on Corn Cakes, great for picnics, parties, snacks and as sides for meal.

Spring Roll Mixture

a basic mixture for inside of a spring roll also good for egg rolls

Home Made Spring Roll Skins

recipe for making your own spring roll skins, great for when you are watching that sodium intake and don't wont all those preservatives found in store got ones.

NCs French Toast

Hubby loves to make french toast ever chance he gets, plain and simple is how he makes it

Mom's Veggie and Meat Stew

My moms home made from scratch non Potato based Stew ... one can use any veggie that they have on hand for this stew.

Dad's Whipped Potatos

Yummy potatos, whipped to prefection

Incredible! (1 rating)

Occasional Dessert / Treat

Lamb Bugars

home made lamb bugers from scratch

Nyx's University CrockPot Dish

Form of Chilli or Pasta Sauce

Panzarotti - wheat

100% Whole Wheat Panzarotti (makes 5)

Sugar Free Egg Nog

diabetic friendly Egg Nog

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Nyx's Cookbook
Stuff I like to make, might not be for everyone but then again everything in moderation.