Recipes I've Shared:

Whole wheat high fiber waffles

Nearly 10 grams of fiber per serving and delicious !!
Serve with fresh strawberries or blueberries for an extra fiber boost !!

Chicken burrito bowl

This is so yummy , and full of protein and fiber !!

turkey bacon and potato fritatta

try this for an easy dinner

Split pea soup with turkey bacon

Low in fat , and high in fiber , and you get to eat 2 cups !!

Stuffed French toast

This tastes sinful but it's not .

green beans ham and potatos

This easy recipe is low in calories ! and tasty

Cannelini chili

Just something I made up

apple strawberry smoothie

Ginger gives this protein and fiber packed smoothie a kick!!

Stacy's chicken veggies& rice

add a little dash of hot sauce to this dish for a kick .

Citrus banana smoothie

This is a smoothie with a Kick!! High fiber and low calorie!!

Turkey potato casserole

Enjoy this low sodium , high fiber high protein dish !!

One blue Monkey ( Blueberry banana smoothie )

Try this fiber and protein packed Lowfat smoothie when you need something cool to drink !!!

Monkey kisses ( banana rasberry smoothie )

Try this fiber packed yummy smoothie when you are short on time . YUMMY

Original Sin ( Apple Smoothie )

This is a great smoothie I came up with after some testing .
If you are getting bored with strawberry & banana smoothies come try this devilishy good treat!!

Blueberry banana french toast

Try this fiber and protein packed breakfast to jump start your day !!!

Gluten free meatballs

My son is on the gfcf diet so I needed to make this for him

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