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Recipes I've Shared:

Super fudgy brownies (store cupboard)

These are really dense brownies (not for everyday). I just wanted to find out the calories, but then thought this was too good to keep to myself.

Fruit soda bread

Yummy raisin bread with oats. Low in fat and sugar. Great with a cup of tea for elevenses.

Breakfast Ice-cream

Not really a 'recipe' I suppose, more of and idea and shopping list for it :) I call this breakfast ice-cream for two reasons, 1) honey on toast is my second favourite breakfast, 2) This is my favourite breakfast :)

Feels super decadent to have this in the morning but in fact it's no worse nutritionally than a bowl of cereal and whole milk :)

You can make it more indulgent with luxury ice-cream and fancier brands of bread (I would usually go for good quality, as it's the ingredients that really make this recipe), or less indulgent with diet ice-cream and diet bread (but only if they are very tasty brands)