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Recipes I've Shared:

Skinny chocolate 'icecream'

'icecream' made with a banana, some cocoa, and some milk. Tastes a lot like real chocolate icecream :)

mozzarella horseradish dip

Good with veggies (and healthy, too, since it adds fat and protein to make a balanced snack).

Vegetarian lasagna

I made this by forgetting to add some ingerdients in another recipe, but it still tastes good!

Spaghetti Squash Casserole

Makes a lot (2 cake pans) and is full of flavor!
It's so low in calories that if 6 people eat all of it, each person is getting only about 175 calories!

Carrot Apple Juice

Good way to sneak in fruits and veggies, and it tastes better than it sounds :)
You'll probably need to drink it once or twice before you'll like it (I did), but it really is good :)

Fast-track granola bars (less butter)

The original fast-track granola bars had too much oil (or saturated fat) on the bottom of them after they were cooked, so I decided to use less butter to make it healthier and more tasty :)
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banana smoothie w/ flaxseed

better than a plain banana smoothie

strawberry banana smoothie

tasty breakfast smoothie, more than 1/2 daily value of vitamin C

peanut butter banana smoothie

good smoothie with tons of protein

blueberry banana smoothie

very good, excellent source of calcium, vitamin B-6, and vitamin C

banana smoothie

I love this banana smoothie, it is a healthy low-cal breakfast

Primal fudge

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