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Protein Banana Bread (, Kelly Morrison 4/2017)

3/2019 Tried for Davis, although Patti is interested too. The question is can Dave enjoy banana bread? Waiting to find out.
As it turns out, Davis really likes this. The bread cuts well, too. Personally, I think the Swerve has a little aftertaste -- and I generally like Swerve in baking.
First impression b/f cutting - almost burned, overbrowned on top - next time cover lightly with stick free aluminum foil. This stuck to the bottom of the pan - no directions of when to remove from the pan - I tried to get it out pretty immediately and had problems on the bottom -- used spray oil. Next time try a PAM flour baking spray.
Another issue here is that net carbs are not reflected properly on Spark - using erythritol -- 6 net carbs actually acc to recipe. And the protein was a little more in the original recipe as well.

"Or alternatively, a party in bread form.
If you celebrate the holiday, happy Easter! Spring is in full swing and I know a lot of places are having a bout of particularly beautiful weather, so I wanted bring you a cheery treat to suit the season.
Banana bread feels personal. There’s something very homey about it. Growing up, it seemed like there was always a bread baking aunt or a sweet-savvy neighbor or a school bake sale offering up a loaf of rich, banana-studded beauty too delicious to resist.
*commence dessert justification sequence of yesteryear*
It has fruit in it, right? …must be healthy.
Calories don’t count on holidays. Or days that end in Y.
How about a piece in each hand for the sake of a balanced diet?
Alas, as I committed to an actually healthy lifestyle, my beloved banana bread habit fell to the wayside. Admittedly, it’s been a long time since I’ve had banana bread, thinking that no healthy alternative could rival the spectacular taste and texture that the banana bread greats get right every time.
That rich, perfect bite smacking of overripe banana and love, you know?
I see it in your eyes. You know.
So I’m proud to share this piece of love, from my kitchen to yours. A healthy creation that tastes uncannily like the banana bread we’ve known and loved for years, all for under 100 calories a slice while packing 15 grams of protein.
Definitely worthy of a very special occasion.
And while we’re celebrating, should I bring a little peanut butter slather to the party?
Don’t mind if I do."

Low Carb Tuna Cakes(IF )- (Kent Altena -; WordPress Recipe Plugin by EasyRecipe)

3/2019 I like this recipe, but really it is intended only for Davis. Need to figure out how many servings Davis prefers for a meal.
This currently uses whipped salad dressing, at Dave's request --since we have this due to Farmshare only for a while - we normally use regular mayo. He prefers to make a simpler recipe he has listed in his Groups, but lets me make this for him and likes the taste.
Part of Atkins Diet Recipes series on YouTube by Kent Altena
1/2017 Original recipe includes tartar sauce, which I have listed as a separate recipe.

Cornell Triple-Rich Flour Formula (found in Joy of Cooking and other resources - Dr. Clive McKay

"Work accomplished under Dr. Clive McKay at Cornell has done much to raise the standard of nutrition for large segments of the world's population. It was discovered that the addition of certain supplements in their natural forms to unbleached, synthetically enriched bread flours increases significantly their nutritive value. Use this formula in your favorite bread, cookie,muffin or cake recipe. " (Joy of Cooking).

Tartar Sauce (Kent Altena -; WordPress Recipe Plugin by EasyRecipe)

3./2019 Temporarily changing to Whipped Salad dressing -- from Regular - as approved by Davis with a Farmshare donation.
Part of an original recipe by KA - listed in MYSPARK recipes -
Low Carb Tuna Cakes (IF)

4/16 Dave likes this a lot and uses it on plain tuna instead of mayo with whatever extra is left over. Melissa also likes this on her version of tuna croquettes if I haven't made a lowfat one.

Salmon Loaf ("Crockery Cooking" by Alexis Durrell), altered for low cholesterol

This is a crockpot recipe for salmon loaf that is easily adapted to cooking in oven if needed, for time. Our family has loved it since 2005, making different adjustments along the way. I have a low carb version in my Spark recipes.

2/16 My estimate of bread used for soft bread crumbs is a guess. I need to count the slices I use next time for better accuracy).
Melissa felt this was a little bland.

Cut-Out Sugar Cookies with Icing – Low Carb, sodium reduced (

SPARK does not figure in the low carb accurately, with the sugar alcohol - net 3.2 grams carbs/cookie.

3/16 The original title of this recipe has been rewritten - original "Halloween cut-out..." These are thicker than I would expect and in no way remind me of a sugar cookie. I think they are really best with icing. Melissa and Davis really like! They've "grown" on me.

I am listing the Icing recipe separately as well.

"Perhaps I shouldn’t call these sugar cookies, since they don’t have a single grain of sugar in them. False advertising and all that.....
A few words of note about the frosting. Mine is made with confectioner’s Swerve, and it worked out fairly well. But I have learned that if my butter isn’t properly softened before I add the Swerve, it gets a little bit of a clumpy texture that no amount of beating will smooth out. My impatience took over in this case…my butter was close to soft but not quite there, and my frosting was a tiny bit on the grainy side. ...
Gluten-free cut-out cookies
And what matters most is the taste, right? These were fantastic. ... I am not a huge fan of sugar cookies, but these tasted EXACTLY like you’d expect. A low carb, gluten-free cut out cookie that rivals the conventional version. What more can you ask for?"

OMM French Toast, with sodium reduced ( - 2013?)

2/16 These are very good, but the discs look smaller, thinner than the photos would suggest.

"This is probably the closest to flat out plagiarism as I've come.
However, I HAVE changed enough of the steps and ingredients, so that I may protect the (not-so) innocent (me!).

I'm a big fan of recipe developers within the paleo/primal/low-carb world... In addition to their main page, they also share recipes via their Facebook page. "Paleo-friendly English muffin in a hurry"...[DJF found on FB]... a one-minute-muffineir] ... Someone named Sve Ta suggest[ed] that 'you can do french toast, too'.

(just so I don't feel like I've TOTALLY stolen this, note that I have made French-Toast like goodies with OMM's before)

... This may very well be the best thing to come out of my kitchen in a good long while (and some decent stuff comes out of there, too!)"

Good Friday Vegetable Soup (More With Less Cookbook)

Family favorite - mild chickeny flavor.
3/19 Dave preferences -- he wants more no salt - either 1 1/2 or 2 times the current amount. He prefers sharp cheddar cheese.
This takes a long time to chop, but it's good!!

11/14 With Patti's no salt added chicken broth, Davis wanted more salt. I think we need to experiment with No Salt and maybe skip the Morton Lite? This could vary with canned reduced sodium broths.

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