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Recipes I've Shared:

Vegan Ginger Molasses Cookies

Great tasting cookie, but be careful, they burn easily

WFPB Red Lentil Flatbreads

Just lentils, water and salt for a wfpb gluten free flatbread

WFPB Avocado White Bean Spread or Dip

Great as a sandwich, wrap or as a dip

WFPB Protein Gravy

No one ever guesses the ingredients on this. It tastes like regular white gravy. I added vegan italian sausage to it and served it over mashed potatoes.

WFPB Zucchini Potato Kale Soup

Great tasting green soup I did in the instant pot, but works fine on stove as well, just takes longer.

WFPB Oat Flour Light and Crispy Waffles

Makes great crispy waffles with no wheat flour.
No oil, dairy or eggs.

Vegan Cheesy Mexican Tortilla Bake

I got this from The Vegan 8 and it is delicious.
The recipe calls for black beans, but I prefer and substituted pintos and refried beans.

Very Good (2 ratings)
WFPB Creamy Vegetable Soup

This is a cream style soup with no dairy. The pureed beans help with that creamy taste without nuts or added oil.

Vegan Easy Sausage Patties

WFPB compliant with no tofu. I used beans nuts and seeds.

Spudnuts Donuts

These are very light, and you need the full day to make them because they are a yeast donut. But well worth the time and effort.
They are not vegan, nor health food, but sometimes we need a special treat, and this way I know exactly what is in them. Taste better than any I can get locally.

WFPB Reboot Salad (Esselstyns)

Make the day before you want to serve this delicious,but crunchy salad. Otherwise it has a really sharp edge with the dressing.

WFPB Gabriel's Famous Bean Burgers

from Gabriel Miller. Add italian seasonings to make meatballs. Cook from frozen state.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Vegan Baked Beans

We really like these beans. Taste like there is bacon or ham in there because of the liquid smoke.

WFPB Vegan Taco or Sausage "Meat"

No soy delicious ground meat alternative. You can use whatever combination of seeds and nuts you have or like to make the total of 1.5 cups.

WFPB "Cheese" Sauce - no fat or nuts

Have tried several....and this is our favorite.

WFPB Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup

This is a very hearty thick soup with a wonderful rich taste.
Adapted from Dishing Out Health by Jamie Vespa MS,RD

WFPB-Shane and Simple Vegan Waffles

These are great whole grain waffles with no diary or eggs

WFPB Sweet Potato Chocolate Pudding

Vegan Chocolate pudding with no fat added.

WFPB Peanut Butter Cookies

These are not your typical peanut butter cookie, but are plant based and no added oil besides that in the peanut butter.

WFPB colelsaw - no oil

Cole slaw I really like without oil or mayo. Can use maple syrup in place of agave.

Vegan Taco Filling with soy and walnuts

This is really good, and fills 20 tacos. I like to add some refried beans and salsa to the filling to make it hold together in the taco better.

Very Good (1 rating)
Mixed Berry and Peach Galette

Use whatever berries you have and peaches if avail. Any fruit will work.

Oaxacan Bowl - Vegan

Great vegan supper
Can add crushed tortilla chips to top it, not included in nutrition

Walnut Salad Dressing No Oil

This is a vegan salad dressing that is good. The only oil comes from the walnuts. The original recipe used raisins, but I use dates.

Very Good (1 rating)
Vegan Chocolate Almond Milk Ice Cream Fudgsicle style

NO bananas....I really do not like bananas in anything, so this was great for me! This was way too good to believe and easy to make.

Mongolian Tofu Vegan

This was delicious with just a bit of a kick. Photo shows broccoli, but I prefer to serve it separate and have not included it in this recipe.

FOK Easy Vegan Pesto

This uses no oil besides the cashews

Vegan Oatmeal Breakfast cookies

These were supposed to make 10 large cookies. I prefer to make 20 smaller ones.

Very Good (1 rating)
Chocolate Tofu Hazelnut Pie

This was excellent and super easy

Very Good (1 rating)
Olive Sourdough Whole Wheat Bread

I was using up sourdough starter discard and adapted a King Arthur recipe. It does use yeast as well to give if the rise and lightness. This was exceptionally light and tasty!
Nutrition count is per 30 grams

Sourdough Date Nut Cranberry Muffins

How to help use up sourdough starter. These are a high calorie muffin, but loaded with good things and taste delicious.

Thousand Island Dressing - no fat or dairy

from Center for Nutrition Studies and China Study Recipes
can use 12 oz silken tofu, or 1 can of beans

Butternut Squash Pasta

Vegan Pasta dish from T. Collin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

Vegan Apple Crisp

Great tasting dessert that is easy to do

Vegan Bean and Corn Quesadillas

The calorie count does NOT include tortillas which you will need.
Choose you favorite kind....I love corn. Add that separately when counting your nutritional numbers

Vegan Freekah Meatloaf

This is a vegan recipe that tastes great. Just do NOT expect the texture of a beef meatloaf.

Easy keto almond cookies

Minimum of ingredients which are delicious and vegan

Whole milk coffee flan

No cans of milk here, just simple staple ingredients. Everyone I have served this to loves it. Not too heavy and not too sweet.

Lemon Poppy Seed Yogurt Muffins

Super light texture muffin

Easy Eggs Benedict Casserole with Asparagus

Super easy overnight recipe for brunch

Almond, Anise and Olive Oil Biscotti

Lovely alternative biscotti using olive oil. These are crunch without being so hard you need to dunk them for older eaters. They are deliberately smaller sized than store bought and freeze well.

Mexican shredded beef brisket

This is excellent and well worth the labor. Used for tacos, enchiladas and burritos. Could also do taquitos with it. The sauce makes an excellent enchilada sauce.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Lemon Curd

A bit labor intensive, but always smooth and delicious. The mixing of the butter and the sugar really well before you add the eggs creates a emulsion keeps this smooth!

Coconut Macaroons - per cookie

Lovely non gluten (no flour) cookie.

Crockpot chicken stew

Overnight chicken stew to serve with homemade biscuits if desired

Roasted Cauliflower with Quinoa and Tahini Sauce

This was a great tasting meatless dish that everyone loved.
The original recipe called for freekeh, but also said you could use quinoa. We had quinoa on hand, so that was what I used.

Brussel Sprouts, Fennel and Apple Salad

This is a great salad for winter! Keeps several days after making.

Dawn's Egg salad

Our favorite egg salad

Dawn's Best Chili with Ground Beef

This is a recipe I have used for years. I rinse the beans well to reduce the sodium content. We eat half, and freeze the rest.
I do this all in the Ninja cooker so I can brown and then slow cook.
Makes 16 cups of chili.

Concord Grape Muffins

Had tons of concord grapes that a friend gave us, so tried this muffin recipe to use up 2 cups grapes. Does take time to halve and seed the grapes, but well worth it.

Shirley's Fruitcake

This is the only fruitcake my family would ever eat. It has almost no cake, just a bit of batter to hold it together.
Nutrition count is PER OUNCE

Falafel made from raw soaked chickpeas

You have to soak the chickpeas overnight for this recipe. Do not use canned chickpeas....they are already cooked.
The photo shows so many because I doubled the recipe. I froze some cooked, and some raw to cook in oil at a later date.

Mocha Meringues

Great for gluten free friends, with an adult taste

Pork Shoulder or Butt Slow Cooker Carnitas

I deliberately chose a fattier cut of meat to keep these moist. The nutrition count is per ounce. We love this in mini tortilla "bowls" and served with avocado, sour cream and cilantro.

Pasta Crab Salad

Done with artificial crab and a lightened up dressing with extra veggies.

Almond Biscotti

This recipe came from a Benedictine friend and makes a lot.

Nut crusted sole fillets

I used two fillets per person, approx 200 gr each

Fennel Orange Kalamata Olive Salad

made for special Holy Thursday Supper 2017

Shaker Meyer Lemon Pie

This pie uses the whole lemon. so make sure to use meyer lemons otherwise it will be too bitter because of all the pith.
Must macerate the sliced lemons in the sugar overnight.

Crack Cauliflower

OK...we are not talking seriously healthy here, but this is a vegetable change that can really make a a meal special. I served the sauce along side the dish, and allowed people add it as they desired. The baked cauliflower is golden, and tastes as if it were fried.

Very Good (1 rating)
Coconut Almond Chocolate Cookies (Almond Joy)

I made these for Christmas season 2016 and they are a definite repeat. Kind of like an almond joy, but with dark chocolate which I prefer. Makes 36 small size cookies.

Cauliflower Carrot Salad

This was a great salad and a different take on using cauliflower. Will be making the again for sure. Great for a winter salad.

Sissy's Super Easy Enchilada Casserole

Photo is the chicken with no tomato sauce.
Easier than rolling enchiladas, but equally delicious.
I make this for 6, and serve it with refried beans. We are not large eaters so it works well for us. But may only serve have to judge for yourself on this one. You can also switch the beef/pork mix for 2 cups of shredded chicken pieces, and it is also great!

Sissy's Easy Enchilada Sauce-no tomato

I got this from "rockin Robin" and it is a NO tomato base enchilada sauce. The red color comes from the chili powder. You can increase the 4 tsp to 4 TBS if you want it really zippy. I stay with the original, and everyone has always loved it.
I use this instead of canned to limit the sodium content.

Roasted or Sauteed Zucchini, Peppers, Fennel and Onion

This dish can be either roasted or sauteed.

Blueberry Lemon Muffins Adapted from Coffee Cake Muffin Recipe

These are large 4 oz muffins that are not too sweet and are full of blueberries. You can also use frozen blueberries

Real Falafel

Cannot use canned chickpeas. Must use dried. Let soak for at least 8 hours.

Baklava Sugar Cookies

How to get a wonderful taste of baklava in a thumbprint type sugar cookie. These do melt in your mouth. These are meant to be a treat, and are lovely with tea or coffee.

Doreen's Buns

Light as air, sweet buns that are delicious. I have also added cinnamon, nutmeg and raisins to part of the dough to make Hot Cross Buns. Those measurements are at the end of the cooking instructions, and not included in the nutritional count.

Egyptian Salad

This is from a B&B way up in the north. It is a salad we really like, thought we cannot figure why it is called "egyptian salad".

Tomatillo Chicken Soup

This recipe is base on Rachael Ray's soup, with some minor changes. It is lower in sodium than many soups because you use homemade chicken stock.
It makes a big pot of soup. The nutrition count does NOT include the tortilla strips, cheese and sour cream. If you want you can also top it off with fresh diced avocado.

Potato and Beet Salad

Lovely different potato salad.

Crispy Oatmeal Coconut Cookies

These cookies have rice krispies for added crunch, and are a favorite cookie around here. Makes lots for visitors.
Nutrition count is for each cookie.

Fast Cinnamon Rolls from Refrigerated Croissant Rolls

Used 1 tube of 318 gram Large Croissant Rolls (4) from Pillsbury to make these fast and easy cinnamon rolls I needed in a hurry.

Lime Cabbage Jicama Slaw for Fish Tacos

I served this on fish tacos without any other dressing or condiment and we loved them. I used a mandoline slicer to get this really finely sliced.

Tilapia Fish Tacos

Made these and they were great. Used a special cabbage lime slaw to go with them Will post it separately

Chocolate Orange Sugar Cookies

Found this recipe in a mystery book, and we liked it a lot.
Makes 100 cookies.

Sissy's Margarita Chicken

Been doing this for a couple of years, and is always a hit.
Best to marinate overnight if possible.
NOT low sodium!

Mexican Vegetable Summer Salad

This called for black beans, but since I was serving refried beans, I made some changes to the original
Everyone who had it loved it! The jalapeno did NOT make it too hot, even for those who do not usually like spicy foods.

Blender Potato Pancakes

Have been making these for over 30 years. They are so easy and so good with applesauce and sour cream. One recipe makes 12 pancakes. I double it for us. Nutritional count is per pancake.

Very Good (1 rating)
Kale Salad with Beets, Oranges and Hazelnuts

This is a winter salad that is absolutely delicious. I have decided even though I really am not fond of beets cooked, I really like them raw!

Cinnamon Baking Bits

Makes 3 cups of bits. Nutrition count is for 1 cup.
These are so good in biscotti or scones....whatever.
I could not find them locally, but these work great. The labor comes in cutting them into tiny bits with a pizza cutter and a ruler. But I promise, they are worth the effort.

Creamy Red Lentil and Kale Soup

Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Favorite Chicken and Dumplings

I had 2 cups of leftover mashed potatoes, and used them to help thicken the gravy. They are in the nutrition info, but could be omitted.

Honey Balsamic Dressing with Spinach Salad

Used this on a spinach salad with cranberries, feta, yellow pepper, red onion and pistachio salad. Excellent

Christmas Cherry Macaroons by Sissy

These are a real favorite. Not a typical macaroon, but great taste and easy to make. Wonderful for cookie exchanges.

Deep Dish Mexican Pizza

Cornmeal and Bisquick Crust. Serve with side vegetable, and top with shredded lettuce and tomato. A Full meal.

Very Good (1 rating)
Rich Turkey Tetrazinni

Serve this over pasta, zucchini vegetti, rice or mashed potatoes.

Kale,Chicken and Tortilla Salad with avocado lime dressing

I had this salad at Original Joe's and loved it. Here is what I came up with at home. The dressing could be made with fresh avocados, which I did not have. But I did have frozen guacamole avail, so used it. Tortilla chips are not included in the nutrition count because what you use can vary widely.

Hazelnut Frangelico Chip Cookies

I KNOW these are not healthy cookies. But I woke up from a dream with this recipe, and they are a great treat! These are not kids cookies, because they are made with Frangelico (Hazelnut liquer)
Someone gave me the liquer and the special lindt chocolate....and this is what I used it for.

Crockpot Luau Pork

NEEDS 12 HOURS! Much lower in sodium than anything you will get prepared, and so tasty.
It does not get any more simple than this. I have even done it straight from freezer, putting it in a low oven before the crock pot. Leftovers from this make the best BBQ pulled pork sandwiches by just adding your favorite sauce.

French Chocolate Buttercream Frosting one said it was health food. But I needed to make a special cake for a birthday celebration.
This does not use a lot of sugar, and it SO good it is worth the treat. And yes, I always get 16 servings, half for the celebration, and half to freeze.

Refried Beans-no fat and low sodium

I make my own "refried" beans, without frying, and no fat. Soak the beans overnight, covered with water about 4 inches above the beans in a bowl.

Raspberry Cream Cake

Had an abundance of Raspberries, and a birthday in July. Here is our cake.

Raspberry Cream Cake

Had an abundance of Raspberries, and a birthday in July. Here is our cake.

Mexican Pepper Jack Baked Cauli-Tots

I used a non-stick mini muffin pan (24 in my pan), but it still needed lots of spray because they do stick. Even the work of cleaning the pan is worth it because of the great taste!

4th of July No Bake Cheesecake

No bake cheesecake with chocolate flavored crust.
Was a real hit for a red, white and blue dessert.

Rhubarb Punch

This makes the Base for a LOT of Rhubarb Citrus Punch. Freeze the base in amounts you desire. To make punch add 1 part base, 2 parts water, or substitute half the water with club soda. This yields about 16 cups of base mix. I have NOT tried it with splenda or other substitutes. This would be wonderful with fresh lemons and limes, but do not have them readily available here.

Cornbread - Favorite

This cornbread is similar to what was always served with Marie Callendar's Spinach Salad in their restaurant in the late 60's and early 70's in California

Light as Air Shortcakes

Times Colonist and Alex Akins had this recipe, with slight variation. This is what I did and they were wonderful. Froze half after baking them.

Crustless Smoked Salmon Quiche

Had smoked salmon and needed to come up with dinner. This was a real hit.

Dill Buns without cottage cheese

Wanted to make dill buns for picnic sandwiches, but had no cottage cheese. This was still really great!

Parmesan Crusted Baked Asparagus

This was a fair amount of work, but we all agreed it was well worth it. You need to use bigger stalks of asparagus, not the very thin type.

Sausage Cheddar Bites

Appetizers with a kick

Deep Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Filling and Chocolate ButterFluffer Icing

This cake is not for healthy eating, but when you want a show stopping dessert for a large group. Serves 18 pieces, because a small piece really satisfies!

Italian Sausage, Kale and Fennel Pasta

Using what I had on hand for a meal

Fresh Fish Burgers

Fish burger starting with uncooked fish, not tinned.

Cashew Kale Salad

Can also use lightly salted cashews instead of peanuts

German Chocolate Icing - Coconut Pecan

I wanted the nutrition count for the recipe we use. It is our absolute favorite. This frosts a 3 layer cake and serves 16.

Southern Living Blender Hollandaise Sauce

Really rich, but a wonderful once in a while a treat for either asparagus or eggs benedict.

Fajita Seasonin Mix - Less Sodium

This is a bulk mix. I use it for 24 servings about.

Rueben Roll-Ups

Sauerkraut is a tradition for new years, and my choice is always a rueben sandwich. But having to adapt, came up with this easy and tasty idea.

Looney Spoons Kaleslaw Salad

The colors and taste of this are wonderful. We had it first for Christmas Dinner, but it will be a staple in winter!
Needs to set an hour before serving.

Mexican Brunch Rice

An old recipe from the 70s

Looney Spoons Teriyaki Meatballs

Make these wonderful mini meatballs and serve with sauces as desired. Nutrition count is per meatball.

Very Good (1 rating)
Candy Cane Biscotti

Christmas favorite

Doreens Gingerbread

Deep dark and dense. Great with a lemon sauce
This is not low calorie, but worth the splurge when you want something like this. You could (maybe) half the serving size. But I would rather enjoy all of it and then make other adjustments with the rest of the day.

Double Pumpkin Carrot Muffins

Called double because I used pumpkin puree and pumpkin seeds (pepitas)

Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

I served this over cheese tortellini and it was wonderful.

Cream Puffs w/Instant pudding and cool whip

Wanted something for a special treat, and this hit the spot without too much damage. Much more complicated to write out than to make.

Fresh Mint Watermelon Salad

We made this for the 4th of July and it was delicious!
Even non watermelon lovers liked it! It is so refreshing!

Coconut Pecan Bundt Type Cake

Frosted with cake with some lemon icing, green coconut "grass" and mini chocolate eggs for Easter.

Looney Spoons The Nutcrocker Chicken (for crockpot)

This is is a great dish to serve with Brown Coconut Rice

Molasses Cornbread

Dark looking cornbread with a wonderful depth of flavor

Date Nut Cookies

These are wonderful...just over 100 calories per cookie.

Small Cardamom Cookies

Very small size cookie, but a lovely flavor with coffee or tea.

Cherry Pie

Because we cannot often get tart cherries, in order to make a cherry pie I rely on E.D. Smith's Light and Fruity canned cherry pie filling. I watch for it on sale to have it on hand. This is the easiest, no fail, piecrust also.

Coconut Cornflake Oatmeal Cookies

These were supposed to have flour, but I got interrupted and left it out. They worked because I had doubled the cornflakes called for. They spread a lot.

Black Forest Cake

Nothing low cal or low fat about this. But what a treat.

Panko fried Zucchini

Ok- too much fat for a staple, but a great summer treat.

Butter Biscuits

These melt in your mouth and are not low fat. But make a wonderful strawberry shortcake.

Wild Rice Greek Salad

What we did with leftover wild rice for supper one night.

Oatmeal Coconut Cornflake Cookies

These are a delicious old fashioned tasting cookie. I think the cornflakes were used in really lean times to give the sense of chopped nuts. But they are great!

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

These are wonderful fresh from the oven. A large size muffin with a much smaller "footprint" than anything you can buy. Definite hit here!

Scallops and Shrimp in Cream Sauce

Special Dinner for 8 with rich sauce.

Egg Nog French Toast

This makes a lot, but is easy to reduce. It also freezes really well. 2 slices per serving for nutritional count.

Very Good (1 rating)
Fullafel Patties

This is a recipe from the Looneyspoons Collection by Janet and Greta Podleski. It was excellent, and the cookbook is tons of fun. I asked about sharing this recipe on the site, and as long as credit was given it was fine with them. I strongly encourage you to get this cookbook if you can.

Mango Raspberry Trifle

I made an angel food cake and layered it with whipped cream, fresh raspberries and diced mangos. It was wonderful. I took the half that was left, and cut it up and layered it with custard made with leftover homemade eggnog. It was incredible!

Phyllo Apple Cranberry Turnovers

This makes a really large size serving.

Pork and Sauerkraut-Nana's Recipe

This is an old family favorite. Here I used cooked pork from a leftover roast. Can use uncooked cubed pork, just brown it first.

Duncan Jambalaya

Great to use with frozen leftover ham, etc.

Spaghettini Carbonara

I am not going to make excuses for the fat in this. As an occasional easy and wonderful meal, this is it.

Crockpot Refried Beans

I add the bacon grease for flavor, and still makes it low in fat.
That has been included in the nutrient count.

Cranberry Orange Relish

This is so fresh tasting we will never go back to the tinned kind.
We like ours quite tart, so adjust your own sweetener amounts.
This great on leftover cold turkey or chicken in a sandwich as well.

Tiramisu a la Dawn

This was the best tiramisu I have ever eaten or made. The vote from all those who tried it was unanimous. Well worth every single calore...and not as bad as you might think. Much better than eating it out. Leftovers can be frozen. I amde my own ladyfingers as there were none available locally for some strange reason. They are not hard to do. Must refrigerate for 8 hours or so.....great to do a day ahead.

Cashew Chicken a la Dawn

Was a great birthday dinner served with rice, and a side of roasted asparagus.

Sweet Dough Cinnamon Pecan Rolls

Wonderful tasting and smelling cinnamon rolls. But you need plenty of time. Be forewarned.

Mexican Casserole Fast and Easy

I use leftover meatloaf for this and it makes a great Saturday dinner. Also chopped leftover roast works as well. Can also toss in some corn if you want.

Mango Grape Chicken Salad

Lovely fruity chicken salad

Wine Cake or Sherry Cake

Wonderful recipe from about the 70's.

Lemon Rice Pilaf

Nice with fish or seafood especially

Vermicelli Salad with pepper salami

This is one of our favorite summer suppers.

Spicy Baked Chicken Thighs

Birthday Dinner for a Jamaican with no access to Jamaican food. Spicy

Whole Wheat Beer Waffles

This is an incredibly light and crispy waffle. Makes waffles for about 10 people. Half for a smaller group, and freeze any leftovers.

Whole wheat Bisquick type Mix

I tried creating a whole wheat bisquick mix using oil and not shortening. This makes 7 cups. The nutrient count is per cup.

Lemon Cream Cheese cookies

Shape these into a ball, then flatten slightly. Make an indentation with your thumb and put in a bit of your favorite jam before you bake them. They freeze well between sheets of wax paper. Are great to have on hand for company.

Maple Walnut Cake

Not a light airy cake you may be thinking of, but a denser kind of cake. Good drizzled with maple syrup while hot, then when cool, cut into bars.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Melt in Your Mouth Sugar cookies

These are wonderful with added glace or dried fruits, nuts, anything else you have on hand. I also took cinnamon red hots and crushed them, adding them to the dough. It is a lovely red touch, and surprise taste that is a big hit. I have been making variations of this for over 20 years.

Fresh Strawberry Pie with Chocolate Custard

I chose to use real ingredients in this recipe and simply enjoy the treat on a hot summer day. This was the first time I did the pie with chocolate custard.

Quick Cinnamon Rolls or Buns

When you want a great tasting treat, these are fast and easy. Much healthier than donuts, and the smell from baking is an added bonus.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Greek Pasta Salad

One our favorite summer suppers

Mexican Meatless Casserole

What to do with stale tortilla chips, or when you just don't know what to make. It always disappears around here.

Chicken Picatta from Barefoot Bay

I had this chicken served with angel hair pasta.

Homemade Biscuits

These get very high and are delicously light and airy.
Great for heated again for breakfast with jam if any are left over.

Leftover Roast Beef and Hash browns

Works great for a fast meal using leftovers. Here you must serve ketchup with it.

Very Good (1 rating)
Crab and Rice Salad

A lovely cold crab salad not made with pasta. I used crab we cleaned and then froze. Just defrost and drain off excess liquid before using. Have also done this with artificial crabmeat. Can toss in any other veggies you want, asparagus is really great!

Pain Perdue (French Toast) ala Mimi's

This is as close as I can get to the Pain Perdue served at Mimi's Cafe.

Asparagus Vinagrette

Based on WW salad, This is bursting with the flavors of spring. I love the leftovers the next day if there are any.

Barb's Favorite Hot Fudge Sauce

A really dark, not too sweet fudge sauce. Because it does not require any cream we usually have everything on hand if we want to make it. Terrific with ice cream and strawberries. I divide this in half and freeze half for another time. Freezes really well, just reheat in the microwave when needed. Better than anything we have ever bought, and easy to make.

Turkey Rice Fruit Salad

Great for using leftover turkey or chicken

Moosewood Lemon Tahini Sauce

This goes so well on the Moosewood Falafel
We add the yogurt. Nutrition count is per Tablespoon

Moosewood Falafel

These are great in homemade pita breads and served with the Moosewood Lemon Tahini Sauce.
You could bake them, but my sisters really like them fried best.


We ate this at home, but always added a can of pineapple tidbits and chopped pecans. Those are omitted here.

Strawberry Bavarian Cream Pie

A summertime favorite
Decorate with a bit of whipping cream on the edges....not included in the nutrient count.

Mixed Bean Soup

I combined a couple of different recipes to use what I had available....and it was wonderful. I will be making this regularly now. I soaked the beans overnight, and made the soup the next morning. Leftovers freeze well also.

Chocolava Cookies - Chewy chocolate cookie

There are really great and kind of like a brownie cookie.

Cranberry Orange Muffins low fat

These muffins were made by accidentally leaving out the fat. Oops....but what a difference now in the calorie count. This recipe makes 12 LARGE muffins, with only 210 calories each.

Ground Beef Hash

Plain and simple ingredients that have taste memories of growing up. Great emergency meal. May want to serve with ketchup.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Dawn's Famous Best Chicken and Fruit Salad

I combined recipes to come up with this, and it disappears in a flash every single time. I use a bit of the pineapple juice to thin the mayo just a bit for the dressing.

Sissy's Luau Pork

For those longing for memories of luaus and Hawaii, here is a great taste to bring back fond memories. If desired you can wrap the raw roast in cabbage leaves if ti or banana leaves are not available.
A 7 lb bought leg, trimmed of all fat and then cooked yielded 3 lbs of cooked meat. Serving size is 3 oz, based on the 3 lbs cooked lean pork. I like to use the bone and broth for bean soup in the future.

Panetone Trifle

This works great in the winter and is a big hit with everyone I have served it to. It makes a lot - serves 16
Serve with whipping cream alongside for those who desire. Not figured in the nutrient count.
Can easily be made the day before you serve it.

Turkey Sweet Potato Soup

What I made with leftovers, and it was delicious and healthy.

Instant Homemade Hot Cocoa no sugar

This makes it much cheaper than buying it, and tastes a lot better. It makes 24 Tablespoons, and the recipe count is per Tablespoon. I use 2 TBS per cup.

Christmas Popcorn

This is deadly and very addictive.
I only make it at christmas, and I have to measure out the amount I will eat and put the rest away. But I think it is worth every single calorie.
This makes a lot......but it lasts us the whole christmas season.

Chickpea Spinach Curry

Great Tasting Vegetarian Dish

Swiss Steak with peppers and onions

We love this with mashed potatoes.

Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese and Pumpkin Filling

I used a large can of pumpkin. (28 oz) I took 1 cup and set it aside for the filling, and used the rest of the can in the cake. Yes it is a lot, but makes cake very moist.

Celery Oriental Low Sodium

I found this recipe 40 years ago, and it is a great way to use up an extra head of celery. It also tastes really good.

Low fat white sauce

Add your desired seasonings to this sauce. We like dill and lemon zest or lemon crystals to go with fish.
Add cheese for macaroni and cheese sauce, etc.

Special Cranberry Orange Relish with Splenda

Makes 4 cups
Tastes really fresh with the orange and some berries not cooked.

Old Fashioned Raisin Cookies

Freeze well after baking.

Yellow Cake Black Forest Trifle

Had to make an adaptation to use what was on hand.
This worked out really well, because the extra unsweetened cocoa and chocolate gave it more depth and less sweetness.
I find 1/2 serving of this is enough for me. It keeps the calorie count down and does not leave me drooling while the others eat it.
Great to make the day before and keep in refrig.

Macaroni and Broccoli

An old standby favorite with us.
For us it serves 8

Strawberry Whip

Very light dessert with no fat

Oven cooked Blade Steak and gravy

The sodium in this is very high, but this is how it was made and I needed an accurate count.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Coffee Cake Muffins

Always a popular treat around here.

Berry Freeze

This is wonderful with any frozen berries or fruit.
Did a two layer mango blackberry combo once.

Broccoli Salad-no mayo

One of our favorite summer salads.
Also great for picnics.

Jamaican Patty

Whole wheat crust with Jamaican beef flavored filling.
Can also add hot peppers to the meat mixture, or more curry to your taste. My group does not want things too spicy.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Garlic Ginger Sauce for Salmon

Wonderful marinade for salmon. Also great for chicken.
After marinating the salmon, put marinade in saucepan and cook on med high for 15 to 20 minutes to reduce. Serve as a sauce for the fish.

I use leftover salmon and cooked marinade with cold cooked pasta for a salad another day. Wonderful!

Salmon Salad made with cottage cheese

This bumps up your protein and calcium while keeping the fat very low. Good as a salad or in a sandwich

Potato Salad ala Dawn

We wanted a kind of traditional potato salad for a BBQ, and this was a real hit.

Low Fat Zippy Hummus

Wanted hummus without any added oil except the tahini. Here is a version I really like. A serving is 1/2 cup.
I love this on a tamari seaweed rice cake.

Marinated Broccoli Salad

This is a wonderful salad to help get in more veggies. Goes great with a BBQ. Travels and keeps well.

Chilies Rellenos Casserole

How to get the taste we love without a lot of work or expense! I cannot find the whole chilies, so just use the diced. If I do not have monterey jack cheese, I use mozarella. Works fine. I always serve this dish with refried beans as a side. (Using lower fat cheeses or egg substitutes would lower the fat content, but I am happy with it this way)

Very Good (24 ratings)
Spectacular Summer Berry Cake

This recipe is a special treat--a must-try! Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries or blueberries will all work wonderfully.

Potato Salad with Green Beans Vinagrette

This is a wonderful version of potato salad without mayonaise. It travels and keeps well. It is always a hit in our house.

Fresh Salmon and Pasta Salad

What to do with fresh cooked leftover salmon you do not want to reheat? This was a definite hit.

Oatmeal Spice Cake

Great way to use up leftover cooked oatmeal.
This does have 240 calories per serving, but that is with the broiled topping. At 16 servings, it is also a larger size piece than some other recipes.

Donut Mufffins

This basic muffin is not your stir-it-gently, dense, fruit-and-nut-filled health muffin. Instead, it's a beat-it-up, cake-type muffin, high-crowned and very "vanilla-looking." This is a great muffin for kids (young or old) who don't want a lot of "stuff" in their muffins. With its basic sugar-cinnamon-nutmeg flavor, it's more reminiscent of a plain doughnut (without the deep-fat frying) than anything else.

As plain as it is (which is just the way some people like things), it's a good candidate for additions of dried fruit and/or nuts to the batter, as well as a garnish of flavorful jam or preserves when serving time rolls around.

Very Good (1 rating)
Let It Bean

A lovely summer salad from the
Eat, Shrink and Be Merry Cookbook by Janet and Greta Podleski. Approval was given to share the recipes.
(From the original recipe, I substituted two cans of mixed beansa for 1 can each of chickpeas, black beans and kidney beans)

Cappucino Cheesecake

Decorate with melted chocolate drizzled on top and a strawberry half on each serving.
Delicious Cheesecake for 175 calories a serving.

Smoky Tomato Soup

Weight Watchers Mexican
(1 serving =2 points)

Black Forest Cheesecake

Always a popular hit when served.

Fruit and Nut Sugar Cookies

These almost melt in your mouth. Use whatever dried fruit combinations you like. These freeze really well to have on hand.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Homemade Cheese Crackers

A 1980 recipe from Quaker Oats with a few personal adaptations. These disappear VERY quickly!

Rhubarb Dream Dessert

Lovely Spring Dessert for those who have access to Rhubarb

Potato Pancakes

Wonderful served with applesauce and low fat sour cream. These are so easy with the blender, and fast.

Oatmeal Cranberry Marmalade Cookies

Nice crisp cookie with lots of flavor

Low Fat Zuppa Toscana

Like Olive Garden's soup, only a delicious low fat version

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