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Lemon Asparagus Chicken

A simple recipe great for anyone busy.

Golden chicken simmers to tenderness in a sauce made with Cream of Asparagus Soup, milk, lemon juice and white wine.

I serve this dish over whole wheat angle hair pasta and a side of asparagus. (Not included in recipe or nutritional information)

Italian Tukery Tenderloin Pasta

I came up with this recipe while traveling for work. I try to eat well while on the road but the kitchens available make cooking a bit of a challenge. This was super easy to make with limited cooking tools and only took 15 minutes total to make. I went with turkey tenderloin (breast) over chicken because it was cheaper but you could go either way. Take out the meat all together and it still is a flavorful vegetarian meal or side dish.

Mushrooms are also a great addition to this dish and/or diced onions (carmelized).

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Buffalo Chicken Dip

A quick and easy dip for potlucks, camping, parties or any other time. You can make add more spice with more hot sauce or make it runnier with more dressing.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

This recipe is loosely based on a recipe out of "Cook this not that". I made some modifications to make things easier.

This was by far one of the best soups I have ever made. All the flavors blended so well but still stood out seperately. This is a great soup for getting all your vegetables in.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Patty Melt (Cook This Not that)

This is a phenominal way to enjoy a restaurant style patty melt without all of the fat and calories. This was by one of the best meals I've made for my family.

It is simple and very flavorful recipe. I got it from the 'Cook This Not that' recipe book.

BBQ Cowboy Chicken

This doesn't taste like Burger King's rodeo burger, but it certainly is inspired by it. I love cheese and BBQ sauce on beef, chicken and pretty much anything. But as I was trying eat healthier I had to find new ways to incorporate this. This is a great main dish for picky eaters as there aren't any veggies in it, but you can easily add some diced tomatoes, chopped onions to it to add some more nutrients and flavor. The recipe despite being lengthy is actually very simple and can be done in 45 minutes total time. I was just very detailed.

This pairs great with a steamed vegetable like green beans, broccoli, peas, asparagus and/corn. I also serve it with light garlic bread.

Also goes well on a bun for a hearty sandwich.

Super easy tuna and rice

I made this one night out of desperation on limited ingredients in the house and was surprised at how good it was and done in under 5 minutes.

Groumet Mostchacolli

This is a group favorite for dinners and pot-lucks. It takes some time to make but is totally worth it.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Spark friendly Chicken Parmesan

A lighter version of the traditional classic. I really like cheese so I have a little extra slice of provolone on top of my chicken, but for those looking to trim the fat and calories you can leave that out of the recipe.

Famous baked beans

These are a take on my mom's baked beans. She makes amazing baked beans but doesn't even like them, but they're still amazing. These beans are great for a cook-out, picnic, pot-luck or a side dish.

They aren't particularly 'light' in comparison to some other baked bean recipes out there so they are to be enjoyed in moderation. This side dish is still low-fat and within a reasonable calorie range with a nice punch of fiber.

Slow cooked pulled pork loin

This makes a massive batch of pulled pork that is great for cook-outs, pot-lucks, parties for a sizable group or for lunches and dinners with plenty of extra to freeze and reheat.

Low carb lean beef enchildas

A low-fat, low-carb version of a standard favorite.

Quick sweet chili garlic teriyaki pork stir fry

A super speedy way to do stir fry by utilizing steam in a bag vegetables before adding them to the meat and sauce.

Very Good (1 rating)
Garlic Teriyaki Noodles

A great side dish full of flavor and whole grains. Goes great served under stir frys and other Asian dishes.

Raspberry Cake

A quick gourmet cake that is very moist. I made this for a friend's birthday as a nice alternative to standard birthday cake since she prefered whipped frosting to buttercream.

This recipe can also be made in a larger rectangular dish and just frosted on the top, making it great for potlucks, cookouts, camping and any other group gathering where a standard cake doesn't work out so well. (just up oven to 350 degrees and bake for 30-35 minutes instead)

Broccoli Caserole

A great way to add vegetables to a meal for picky eaters. We have this at every thanksgiving and when we camp out. You can add crushed crackers to the top or french's crispy onions to make it a bit more like green been casserole (not included in the nutritional info provided).

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Salad

A quick and easy and flavorful twist on an old favorite. Great for a quick lunch on warm days, pairs great with low-fat/low carb bread with lettuce and onion.

If no time to cook chicken breasts can substitute for canned chicken.

Recommend if grilling marinade chicken in BBQ seasoning/marinade.

Broccoli & Chicken Over Brown Rice

Tasty, simple, fast, easy dish for even picky eaters

Italian Spinach Pie

A quick and easy dish to serve as a main course or side. Also works great for breakfasts and brunches with its egg base. Get in your protein and veggies all in one recipe. Great for those watching carbohydrate intake as well

Grilled Chicken with Italian Salsa

A great easy main dish that is refreshing and filling. Easy to par with a vegetable side for a meal or put on top of a salad

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