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Recipes I've Shared:

Tone It Up Peanut Butter Protein Balls (171 cals per ball)

This is an adaptation from a recipe given by fitness expert and triathelete Karena Dawn from the issue of Women's Health, May 2010, page 74. I used Kamut Flakes instead of Old-Fashioned Oatmeal to reduce the calories, cranberries in lieu of dried apricots and upped the cinnamon from "taste" to 1 Tbsp.

Veggie Chicken Rice Wraps (112 calories per wrap)

These are incredible (if I do say so myself!) I overstuffed the wraps to make just five in total but I bet they'd look prettier spread out in 6 wraps instead (each paper wrap is just 23 cals.)

Spring Vegetable Quiche (231 calories per 6th)

This is delish! LOW CALORIES per serving and the serving size is not skimpy!

Veggie Hamburger Noodle Soup (170 calories per cup serving)

Take the noodles out of this recipe for a serving of soup at only 115 calories per cup! Souper hearty & filling! 170 calories per cup INcludes noodles. Enjoy this easy soup that'll keep 'em coming back for more!

Grilled Mushrooms, Peppers & Onions (Salad or Side) 39 calories per skewer

This is so simple yet delicious! It jazzes up a salad on a bed of greens or looks like a fancy side dish! I'll try to add a pic sometime!

Amazing Mango Salsa Salmon Topper (63 cals)

This is a must have on broiled salmon - your guests will think they're fine dining and it's so tasty!

Gingerbread Cake (152 calories per 1/16th)

Nana always made this SO well. It's her classic gingerbread cake with a healthy twist and is about 1/2 the calorie count as the regular recipe for the same size piece! Makes a great alternative to boxed birthday cake!

"Meaty" Roasted Garlic Spaghetti Sauce (112 cal per 1/2 c.)

This is a quick fix for dinner: hearty & truly tasty. I suggest 2 servings (1 cup) atop whole wheat pasta (approx. 28g/1 oz = 0.5 c. cooked pasta).

Serve with a side salad of naked greens with low-cal balsamic dressing.

Cleanse the palate and take away the desire for more pasta with cantaloupe - a 170 gram (~1/8 of a melon) does the trick for only 60 calories! and no one leaves the table hungry!

Bu the way, just one 1/2 cup serving of this pasta sauce provides two full servings of vegetables and fruit! Woohoo!

Collard Greens Vichyssoise

Plainly put, Potato & Leek Soup vamped up with the nutrition of Collard Greens!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Jillian Michael's Quinoa Crunch Yogurt Topping (135 cals per 2 Tbsp)

Taken directly from Women's Health, May 2010 issue, page 44. This recipe comes straight from Jillian's MASTER YOUR METABOLISM COOKBOOK. The only thing I added was 1 Tbsp of cinnamon because I LOVE that flavour!

Jillian suggests a 2 Tbsp serving atop 1/2 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt with berries and finished with a honey drizzle.