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spicy jalapeno coleslaw

This is the first time I have made it hope its good I am guessing about 8 -12 1 cups servings. This is for those of us who do not care for sweet coleslaw.

Garden Veggie Stew

This is from Weight Watchers just adjusted to what is in the fridge at the time. This is a very versatile soup you can play around with spices and adding various veggies

Dawn7z Spicy Tofu Stir Fry Delight

I had never tried tofu before this recipe I used extra firm plus threw in some crushed red peppers and minced garlic. Pretty spicy stuff. I served with brown rice

Vegenaise Salsa Veggie Dip

Threw this together quickly as I really am a sauce girl lol. Could use regular mayo. I threw in Chili powder, onion salt, salt and pepper also
Probably not a true "vegan" dip but could work for vegetarians

Dawn7z Vegetarian Chili/Stew

Being a new vegetarian I used what I had on hand to make a large pot of beans. I had leftover beans which equaled another can. hope its good have not tasted chili with carrots before lol
You could add ground turkey breast, chicken or soy crumbles to this also
I used leftover beans so when making recipe might want to use one less can of beans
also will throw in some crushed red pepper flakes

revised prairie harpy's slow cooking curry

took from spark people on march 23 2010 made into more of a stew added onion powder ,salt and pepper
Will try with brown rice of more veggies

Quick Apple Crisp

I used what I had on hand next time would use lower calorie items like fresh apples or use sugar free apple topping
light brown sugar or brown sugar splenda
next time I will use less brown sugar and more sugar free syrup

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