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Recipes I've Shared:

Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken

This easy recipe makes tender chicken that's great shredded for sandwiches or tacos. Top with shredded cabbage and yogurt ranch dressing - it's healthy and delish!

Mexican Egg Casserole

A yummy low cal, low carb, high protein breakfast.

Creamy Cole Slaw

A delicious, sweet creamy cole slaw - great for a bbq or party!

Peanut Butter Nom Noms

These easy, delicious peanut butter oatmeal bars are a healthy version of rice crispy treats - 3 ingredients - all good for you!

Light Chicken Salad

A yummy high protein, low cal, low fat, low carb snack or lunch - stuff 1 serving of chicken salad inside of half a red pepper, between romaine lettuce leaves or on top of a big veggie salad.

Crock Pot Lasagna

An easy way to make a delicious lasagna dinner with little effort - pair up with a salad for a healthy dinner! YUM!

Crock Pot Lentil Soup

A warm, cozy soup that is hearty and full of fiber and protein and no fat! Delicious on a cold winter's night.

Cold Veggie Pizza

This pizza is great as an appetizer or alongside a bowl of soup or big salad. High in protein. Nutritional Value is calculated with veggies listed but, it's great to mix it up with any variety of fresh veg.

Ham and Pickle Rolls

This is a yummy, fun High Protein, Low-fat, Low-carb, Low-Cal option for lunch or snack.

Mini Quinoa "Quiche" Breakfast Cups

Easy high protein breakfast on the go...quinoa, egg, ham and cheese - like a little mini quiche.

Healthier Banana Bread

A healthier take on my moms old fashioned banana bread. Lower in sugar, calories and fat, higher in fiber, omega 3's and protein.

Pepperoni Breads

An old WW recipe revamped

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Spicy buffalo chicken and ranch dip

Spinach, Mushroom & Garlic Calzone

My kids had so much fun making these for dinner the other night. I let everyone fill them how they want. I filled mine w/ spinach, mushrooms, garlic and onion. Its also a great way to get rid of what you have in the frige...any combo will do!

Tasty Tilapia w/ Lemon, Pepper & Garlic

A tasty citrus and garlic flavored tilapia that is low fat, low cal and so easy to make. Really pretty to serve for a party or quiet evening at home.

Tasty Turkey Taco Salad

Ground turkey and lots of veggies make you not miss the tortillas in this taco salad. Low on carbs and LOTS of protien make this a great, satisfying meal.

Yummy Yogurt Berry Smoothie

An all natural smoothie that is easy to make, high in antioxidants and perfect for breakfast or a snack.

Spinach, Mushroom & Onion Calzones

This is a super easy and delicious way to make calzones any night of the week.

Erin's Amazing Guacamole

One of the easiest and most tasty guacamole recipes you'll try.

Tangy Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Yummy garlic mashed potatoes.

Paula Deen's Broiled Parmesan Tomatoes *Tweaked

I was looking for a new veggie side dish for dinner one night and saw Paula making this on TV. I entered her original recipe and it didn't seem too bad. I decided to modify the recipe to see if I could lower the calories and fat and still keep the worked! You could also add a couple garlic cloves and some fresh basil before serving to make it more of an Italian tasting side dish.

Banana Berry Smoothie

This smoothie is a quick and easy snack or breakfast-on-the-go. I like to use frozen mixed berries and a banana but, you can easily mix it up...strawberry banana, blueberry banana, raspberry banana, peach banana, blackberry banana...all taste great and are full of healthy antioxidants! Very low fat and could be even lower if skim milk was used. You could also increase the healthiness by using vanilla soy milk instead of the FF creamer. Enjoy!

Cranberry Orange Muffins

Low Fat/Low Cal. muffins. Easy to make and healthy for you. Great for breakfast or brunch. ***Recipe from

Cheesy Pizza Dip

A creamy, cheesy pizza dip that is great for parties. Serve w/ reduced fat crackers, baked chips, tortillas or pitas.

Beef & Onion Spread

A creamy beef & onion spread that can be made into a cheese ball and rolled in pecans (not in Nutritional Info) if you like. Great on crackers, veggies, celery, chips or spread on a wrap or flour tortilla.

Chicken Salad

A sweet and savory chicken salad that is quick and easy to make. I like to make this with the leftovers from a rotisserie chicken. You can also use boiled chicken breasts or baked chicken breasts. Also, if you don' t have apples on hand, you can use grapes...the little bit of sweet among all of the savory ingredients makes this really yummy!

Sugar Snap Peas w/ Garlic and Soy

A healthy side dish that is quick and easy to make with only 4 ingredients. Low Cal/Fat Free ***This is also a good way to make edameme.

Easy Breakfast Casserole

Only 4 ingredients...quick and easy and no one will know it's low cal/low fat. This is great for brunches or even dinner.

Sloppy Joes

This is surprisingly a lower calorie meal but, the fat is kinda high....substitute the ground beef for ground turkey for lower fat. This recipe is best the longer it cooks and can be placed in a crockpot after its made to make it even more rich in flavors. Calorie count is for 8 Regular size buns but, you could divide this among 24 rolls and make as an appetizer for a party. Can be as spicy or mild as you like it.

Erin's Chicken Fajitas

Tender chicken and veggie fajitas that are easy to make and so tasty.

Low Fat/Low Cal. Banana Bread

An awesome low fat/low cal. banana bread that is moist, healthy and so yummy. Add a 1/2 C. Chopped Pecans to make it even more wonderful...calories go up to 144.7 and 4.4g fat per serving.

Very Good (9 ratings)
Shrimp & Veggie Stir-Fry w/ a Twist

This stirfry is is quick and easy to make and has a hint of sweet and a hint of tang. Its great over brown rice or noodles.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip

Yummy, gooey spicy buffalo chicken dip that is great on all sorts of dippers...celery, raw veggies, reduced fat crackers, pretzels, baked chips, pita chips or even spread into a wrap with some veggies.

Very Good (11 ratings)
Easy Lemon Cupcakes

Light and moist lemon cupcakes dusted with powdered sugar or frosted w/ a little cool whip free. Only 2 ingredients and so Yummy! Low Cal/Low Fat

Very Good (1 rating)
Blue Berry Muffins (Tweaked) - VERY Low Fat/Low Cal.

Yummy Blueberry muffins...substituting Splenda, Skim Milk, Light Margarine and Egg Beaters. Lowers calories more than 20 and fat 2 g. from the original recipe!!!

Blueberry Muffins - Low Fat/Low Cal.

Yummy Blueberry Muffins that are easy to make and low fat/low cal. Could be lowered even more w/ Splenda, Skim Milk, Egg Beaters and Light Margarine.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Strawberry Pretzel Squares

A low fat version of my mom's strawberry pretzel squares. Similar to a strawberry cheesecake but very light. My mom used to make this when I was a kid but with full fat ingredients. It's great in the summer time for cookouts or brunches. The calories are higher than I expected. I think because I made the crust w/ sugar. I wasn't sure how it would hold up with Splenda.

Strawberry Pretzel Squares (crust w/ Splenda)

A low fat/low cal. version of my mom's Strawberry pretzel squares. Great for picnics, brunches, cookouts...this dessert holds up well and is light and refreshing.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Veggie Bubble Pizza

Yummy bubble pizza veggie style. This could be modified to use reduced fat biscuits for even better nutritional value...I just couldn't find them so, I calculated w/ regular biscuits for my meal tracker.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Easy Egg Salad

Quick and easy egg salad.

Sweet Salsa Chicken, Veggies and Rice

Tender boneless, skinless chicken breasts baked with pineapple salsa served over brown rice and steamed veggies.

Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

Fresh tomato bruschetta with balsamic vinegar and olive oil served on toasted Arnold Select Multi-Grain Sandwich Thins.

Garden Veggie Spaghetti Sauce

A satisfying homemade spaghetti sauce that is filled with veggies and herbs.

Pumpkin Apple Bread

The warm flavors of pumpkin apple bread can be had all year around with this low-fat, low-cal, vitamin enriched recipe.

Ranch Potato Wedges

Potato wedges seasoned with ranch.

Sweet Balsamic & Herb Dressing

A sweet balsamic vinegar, olive oil and herb dressing.

Italian Herb Steamed Veggies

A mix of fresh veggies with sweet italian herbs. High in vitamins.

Lasagna Bowls

Quick and easy 2 sauce (alfredo and red meat sauce) lasagna in individual bowls.

Pineapple and Black Bean Salsa

Sweet and spicy salsa that is so easy and so good!

Bran Muffins w/ Walnut Crumb Topping

Yummy bran muffins with delicious walnut crumb topping.

Very Good (8 ratings)
Linguine Alfredo

Linguine noodles tossed with homemade alfredo sauce and steamed veggies.

Paula Deen's Broiled Parmesan Tomatoes

Recipe borrowed from Paula Deen. A wonderful and healthy side dish that will compliment any meal.