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Yellow bananas, not over -ripe.
Chocolate chips 60% plus CACAO (We use GHIRARDELLI)

Chicken stew with black beans

CROCK POT BIG BATCH Chicken stew with black beans.

PATs Salmon potato cakes

Cook Salmon, Boil and mash Potato add black pepper and whisk Egg

Sweet potato, Popeye Spinach hot smoothie.

This was a left over but with two EXCELLENT nutrients I decided to experiment.
I had leftover canned spinach. I had sweet potato also left over. I add spinach to soups and sweet potato in soups. I could not decide so this was the fast food for lunch.

Yorkshire Pop-overs.

A staple in my childhood with roast beef and Gravy, or whatever accompaniment we had on hand.
I use salt and pepper to taste.
Cold water 1 cup.

Walnut Cups

Cream Cheese, 3 oz.
Butter, unsalted, 0.5 cup
Wheat flour, white, all-purpose, unenriched, 1 cup

Egg. large, 1 serving
Butter, salted, 1 Tbs.
McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract, 1 tsp.
Brown Sugar, 1 cup, packed
Walnuts, 0.75 cup, chopped

ghirardelli 60% cacao choc chips, 1 serving(OPTIONAL)



Banana Prune Milled Flax seed Muffins

This recipe make a good size batch I use muffin and mini muffin pans.

Eggs and Oat Bran Omelette

Mix and pour in to 9 inch covered skillet


No Crust.less calories and carbs.

Incredible! (1 rating)
NORASPAT makeover Grans recipe ENGLISH SCONES

I was taught to bake these at 5 years old.Gran used lard I have lightened them some.
I always use an egg glaze. The scones look more attractive. Use an egg or liquid egg white and brush on tops before baking.
Scones need a HOT oven 400 degrees. I line my large cookie sheet with Parchment paper. I use it several times over. I make many batches and freeze them to store. Microwave about 14 seconds to thaw. Depends on power.

Very Good (1 rating)
MICROWAVE -Banana -Breakfast oat bran

I created this to help with my blood sugar. The addition of cottage cheese with some fat as opposed to Non fat was important to me. Ground or milled flax seed is also great fiber too. Whole seeds do nt digest so ground flax seed is recommended. Tracked for ground flax seed only.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Haddock Chowder.

I prefer atlantic haddock. I use frozen product thawed instead of Fresh. Icelandic is our favourite-lots of flavor. We do not use salt.

Chicken stew with canned Kidney beans,

I microwave vegetables for a quicker meal and less spatter
with saute pan. We do not add salt to this meal. Lower sodium.Soaked cooked beans or Canned beans washed to remove salt, can be used.

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