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Recipes I've Shared:

Homemade Veal Stew

Low sodium comfort in a crock pot.

Beans and NOT Rice

This is a variation of beans and rice where I replaced the rice with steel cut oats. I am on a low sodium diet, but DID add just a half tsp of salt because there really isn't much other sodium in this recipe. It still came out very low! This could also easily be made vegetarian and be VERY good! I added beef because my husband prefers meat in his dinner.

Insane Beef Stew w/V8

Insanely low cal, low sodium stew. Insanely EASY to cook - in the crockpot.

Meatloaf - Very Low Sodium

Meatloaf almost as good as MOM used to make!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Low Sodium Tuna Casserole

With only 84.7 mg sodium per serving, you can actually add a little table salt if you like!

Banana Muffins - Low Fat, Low Sodium

These muffins are SO good you won't even believe they're so healthy! And so easy too!