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Chili Cheese Cups

This is a remake from a recipe I learned a while ago called BBQ Beef Cups. It's delicious and would be a great meal to involve children in.

Banana Pudding pie.

An old classic from childhood.

Chicken soup

made on the fly chicken soup

Chicken chili

Delicious chili with more beans then meat.

Ginger Teriyaki drum sticks

Baked drum sticks or delicious when teriyaki is involved.

baked chicken tenders

Just a healthy way to bake chicken tenders

Very Good (3 ratings)
Easy sugar cookie recipe

simple to make a delicious sugar cookies. Make sure butter is softened completely before mixing.

Twiced Baked Potato

A simple reduce calorie side dish

Spanish Rice

This adaptation blends the tastes of chilies, cumin, tomato, and onion with lean ground beef.

Turkey pizza cups

just came up with the idea because I wanted something different. Good with a salad

Chilly Chocolate Cheesecake nuggets

this is a hungry recipe I found and only cost 1 point for weight watchers.

Jalapeno swappers

These poppers are so good, remember to remove all the seeds there super SPICY!!

Ham'n'Cheese Muffins

A real crowd pleaser. Prepare these savory muffins in advance, then, just before serving, reheat in conventional or microwave oven. Freeze leftovers in resealable freezer bags.

Incredible! (1 rating)
hungry gril onion rings

I found this recipe in a book at the library. It looked so good I had to make it.

Oh and for those on weight watchers this equals 4 point plus points.

Cabbage 'n' Potato Soup

This is another recipe from the book I checked out at the library.
The serving sizes came out to be 1 and 1/4 a cup. And it was very yummy.

Strawberry-Cream Log

This is from the weight watcher book "Weight Watchers Quick Start Program Cookbook Newly Revised" This is my first time cooking it and I'll put a pic up later. Also I'm doing this in a rectangle pan because I have a lasagna pan but no jelly roll pan lol.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Whole roasted chicken

just your basic baked chicken but instead of butter were going to use healthy olive oil. let's make our heart smile back at us.

Quick and Easy Mexican Chili

Will I found this recipe through a magazine. The only thing I've changed from the original is that I added turkey instead of beef. It was a hit with my freinds and family.

Avacado Bologna Sandwich

I have recently joined weight watchers and made this sandwich to there point system. This sandwich equals a total of 10 points and is very good. I add a few baby carrots on the side and I'm satisfied when done eating.

turkey tacos

This is a pretty simple and easy recipe. I'll be getting a pic up as soon as possible. You won't believe how good this looks and how much is really on your tortilla.

pickled Deviled Eggs

This is an old classic I love to make for my devil eggs. I take pickle slices and dice them up to add to the mix plus a small spalsh of pickle juice goes a long way.

turkey sandwich

I like a nice sandwich at lunch and didn't see one on the recipe list that I had the ingredients for so I added on of mine...some people may like to try the low fat maynoise...that also taste good on this kind of sanwiches...I also sometimes toast the sanwiches to get some extra flavor...just don't toast for to long or all the chesse will melt off

hungry girl cake

will this is a recipe I found on It was actually suggested to me by another weight watcher member.

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