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TX_3XDAD's Socca Quickbread (1/8 of a round)

This is a brilliant, high-protein & low-fat bread easy to make for dinner.

TX_3XDAD's Chicken Fried Venison

This is NOT fat-free. Nor is it all that bad, given that the serving is one strip, and 3 is more than enough for a meal, if you add sides, etc. The calculations are off, however, since there's 2% milk needed for the soak that are not actually cooked with. Go figure.

TX_3XDAD's Maple Syrup, Cardamom Cranberry Sauce

Yum. At a 1/2-cup serving, it's a tasty treat. Takes about 20 minutes start to finish

TX_3XDAD's quick venison chili

15 minutes to prep and cook, 30-60 minutes of simmer. And oh how sweet it is. (No salt added.)

TX_3XDAD's Melt-In-Your-Mouth Steak in 6 minutes for $3.99/lb.

Sometimes obvious isn't. I _LOVE_ meat, and I _HATE_ meat prices. Plus, the "better" the cut, the more fat. So... Enter a new way to do Eye of Round (an idiotic name for a roast if I ever heard one).

This recipe is a "cheat" because I've never met a 16 oz. roast. So do the math, please!

TX_3XDAD's Simple Bread

Bread. With Quinoa. Stop. Makes a bunch. Stop. Stop me. Stop.

TX_3XDAD's Whoa, Nelly! Bread

Wow, does this stuff rise. A nice, potent, healthy bread.

TX_3XDAD's Onion Millet Quinoa Mini Ficelles

These. Rock. (Yes, they're hard, too.) Ultra healthy, dense food. A couple of these are a meal. Add a spiced nonfat yogurt dip, crisp green peppers and tomatoes, and you've got a great meal.

TX_3XDAD's Lamb Quinoa Mayacoba Bean Stew

Great as a protein-packed lunch for work. I just love 5-ingredient dishes. There's no cholesterol, and no salt added. Simple complementary protein dish.

TX_3XDAD's Mushroom Habanero Turmeric Chili

Sounds painful, but is actually a warm, subtle and filling dish. Absurd on the vitamins A & C intake.

TX_3XDAD's Turmeric Chicken Chili

Despite the fiery ingredient list this is about 3 alarm on the scale. It's also a complete protein, so it's a handy way to get a meal. Tasty, too! It's great with a nice whole grain bread, too. Note that it's salt-free -- it definitely DOES NOT need salt when cooked, so don't automatically go for it. :)

TX_3XDAD's Quinoa Yogurt Bread

I wanted something healthy and with more of an interesting taste. But still usable as spreadable bread.

TX_3XDAD's Crock Pot Carrot Strange Thing (1C)

What happens when you cross leftovers with too much dried stuff with a crock pot. Very delicious, actually!!!

TX_3XDAD's Low-Fat Deratted Ratatouille

True vegan, from scratch. A pain in the butt to prepare, but way tasty. NOW IN A LOW-FAT VERSION! ;)

TX_3XKIDS' Deratted Ratatouille

True vegan, from scratch. A pain in the butt to prepare, but way tasty.

TX_3XDAD's Poisoned Crock Potted Healthy Grains (1C)

I love spiking good things with bad. Note that while the recipe is for "normal" bacon, I use Costco's low-sodium, maple bacon.

TX_3XDAD's Kielbasa Somewhat Ameliorated.

Premade yucky kielbasa meets black wild rice and organic brown rice. Sort of a Frankensteinian thing...

TX_3XDAD's Solid Pea Soup

Simple, solid, delicious. Low sodium, lots of veggies and fiber... what's not to like?

Serving size: 2 cups

TX_3XDAD's 5 Alarm Tomato-less Venison Chili

I'd debated going full throttle on a hot chili. The latest venison donor said she liked it HOT, so I'm hereby obliging her...

TX_3XDAD's Crock Pot Split Pea Goodness

Great for creating those frozen lunches we only seem to have time for at new jobs where folks are looking at you while you try to be productive.

Very Good (1 rating)
Texas Sesame Noodle Sauce

Quick, fun and goes with almost everything pasta and some things not. Punched up with a little extra heat to account for our local tastes. :)

Mayacoba Mutton Chili

Youch! Another use for all that extra sheep during Passover. And spicy! Note the total lack of dried spices or salt. You'll need to add salt afterwards, but it'll be less than if you cooked with it (and the beans are SO much softer this way).

South Coast Seviche

So simple even a TX_3XDAD could do it! Very tasty, especially after a day on Port Aransas beaches -- or anywhere inland!

Complementary Protein a la quinoa/lentils

I'm including this because it's one of my regular 'building blocks.' I divvy it up into 1C units and freeze for quick meal making at work.

Incredible! (1 rating)
TX_3XDAD's "It's a bread!" "No, it's a meal!"

Smells like a pizza, eats much lighter.

5.5:1 Quinoa Onion Bread

Another great bread, good for sandwiches. 2/3 of a single loaf is your entire enchilada of calories, so use this with premeditation!

6:1 Flour Quinoa Bread

This is a sliceable bread, so it's great for sandwiches.

It's also, at 223 calories a slice, it's not "diet" food. But it's GOOD FOR YOU!

I'm trying to be specific with my recipes, since the ingredients are having a HUGE impact on calories. So 6:1 means six cups flour to one cup quinoa.

Sesame Flaxseed Bread

Simple, fluffy, filling. Yum!

Habanero Chickpea Curry (5 Alarm)

Yowza! And delish! Serving size is one cup. Add quinoa or rolled oats for a thicker stew (not included in recipe).

Spicy Mushroom Venison Mayacoba Cocoa Chili

Yup, it's an entry for the longest recipe in the SparkRecipes cookbook. And it's Bambilicious!©®

It's a power pack: 32g of protein, and reads like a vitamin pill (only the highlights shown):
Niacin 54.1 %
Vitamin A 50.6 %
Vitamin B-6 41.6 %
Vitamin B-12 29.6 %
Phosphorus 32.3 %
Riboflavin 31.4 %
Iron 26.9 %
Zinc 26.0 %
Thiamin 21.6 %
Selenium 19.9 %

Doctor TX_3XDAD recommends one cup a day.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Quinoa Venison Meatloaf

It's quick, it's healthy, it's yummy. Best of all, it's got genuine Bambi©® in it!


Cocoa Venison Lentil Rice Chili

Cocoa adds an interesting flavor (not sweet!) Add habanero, serrano, or other peppers as you see fit. All you need with this amazing complete protein is a little salad!

Serving: 1C

Crock Pot Shitake Navy Split Pea Stew

Take stuff. Dump into crock pot. Go. To. Sleep. Gotta love these things!

Tomato Venison Bean Chili

Very warm, very calorie-effective. Spice it up to add more alarms or eliminate the Serrano peppers if you're a total spice wimp.

This is a perfect "it's cold outside let's huddle by the fire for warmth, Ogg" kind of meal Caveman optional.

Rough Soup Rolls

Get your protein, omegas and fiber here! This is the perfect accompaniment to my soups or stews, especially if you're out of bread bowls (see that recipe in my cookbook). Really easy, fun activity for kids. Add wheat germ, oat bran, or a 1/2C of anything else to make it more interesting.


Mayacoba Bean, Mushroom & Oxtail Stew

Wow. Creamy, dreamy and just over 100 calories a cup. About an hour to make, and with 22-1C servings,

Incredible! (1 rating)
Weird Cocoa Bread

Don't even ask. But it tastes great and has all kinds of odd ingredients.

WARNING: After eating this you may test positive for heroin (because of the poppy seeds). Skip 'em or wait a few days before getting tested.

(Now when's the last time you saw the word "heroin" in a food recipe?)

Eggplant Cabbage & Tofu Curry

I didn't expect the sweetness of the dish. The carrots really gave it their all, and the eggplant donated a wonderful, round 'mouth feel.' Freezes well, too. The habanero adds a delicious zing.

T'chi'na (NOT 'ta-Hee-Nee')

True Israeli style with a Texas zing. The "chi" is pronounced by using the tongue to make a rough sound from the back of the throat)

Beef Shoulder Mongolian

Reverse engineered from the Mongolian restaurants, I've got this on tap for tomorrow as each kid has their own form of food insanity. Okay, here's a joke: a carnivore, a vegetarian and a picky eater go into a restaurant. "We'd like to share an entree," they say.

So this is for the meat-eater. I'll integrate it into the vegetarian stir-fry on my own.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Split Pea Chicken Stew

Sometimes you want to hit that protein craving hard. This is a virtually salt-free recipe (sorry, vegans, not for you!).

If you like it a little creamier, pour off 2C of the soup and split peas, leaving out the carrots and chicken. Blend completely, then add back in.

If you want a vitamin C (and spice) kick, toss in 14-16 rinsed dried red chili peppers, with seeds, chopped into 2" segments. (Add AFTER the water, so you don't mace yourself in the privacy of your own home!)

Spicy Garlic Lentil Soup

Woof! Sure, it's healthy, but how many calories are in the dry fire extinguisher contents? Salt-free, vegan. CRAZY stats: it's like a spicy multi-vitamin (you get over 100% of your vitamin C in very serving).

Quinoa Bread

Simple, protein enriched bread.

Very Good (1 rating)
Mayacoba Bean & Sausage Stew

To lower the salt, substitute a Serrano pepper for every tablespoon of Tabasco Sauce. Or just keep dumping 'em in 'til everyone's sweating enough!

Pea Soup Gone Horribly Wrong

That happens when too many mushrooms meet an urge for pea soup. And Texas happens. Wow this tastes good!

Warm Bean Chili (Vegan or Carnivorous)

Cheap, filling, tasty, quick and infinitely malleable. Add a pound of meat, fish, or tofu of your choice (venison's my fave) to really round this out.

Bell Pepper Tuna Salad

This is a great little tuna salad. I don't like using chemical-heavy products, so regular mayo (fresh-made, if you can swing it!) in tiny doses works for me.

This is best served on lightly toasted home-made bread with crisp lettuce and room temperature beef tomato slices.

CAUTION: eating poppy seeds MIGHT cause a person's drug test to show positive for opiates. I include it for texture, and because it's rich in critical minerals that dieters sometimes don't get enough of.

Dead Simple, Vegan, Fat-Free Pea Soup

How few ingredients to you need to make a great soup? Six plus water. High in protein, fat-free (0.2g/serving). I use a serving of my Simple "Seeded" Bread to boost the protein and fiber even more.

Hummus a la Texas

This is from recipe site. Used with permission. Modifications by me.

Simple "Seed" Bread

I make this about every day. It's simple, healthy and goes well with soups and stews. Not a great sandwich bread, but it's a meal replacement if you add some veggies to it.

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