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Recipes I've Shared:

Seafood scampi

from the Louis Kemp package

Soy sauce equivalent

I found out I was allergic to soy and have been searching for non soy foods and it is not easy. Found this recipe so I can at least enjoy my fried rice again! Revised for more flavor

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Soy sauce equivalent

Allergic to soy? Try this for soy sauce. From

Seafood Bisque

Got recipe from a mystery novel. I had to make my own pea soup and I put in crab where they put in shrimp.

Cranberry Salad

Holidays are not the holidays without our family's favorite treat. This is my grandmother's recipe and thanks to the miracle of freezing things, it can be made all year. Freezing the cranberries does not hurt them for this recipe. Recipe doubles easily.

Potato Soup

Turns out like stuffed baked potato. I happen to like the texture of red potatoes more than the regular ones.

Cucumber Dill Soup

Nice summer soup served chilled and a good way to use the summer garden produce.

Versatile Cream of Squash Soup *

Recipe for butternut squash but any winter squash or hard vegetable (broccolli, carrots, cauliflower) can be used and the seasonings adjusted.

Ham and pea soup *

Easy and quick way to make homemade soup

Cream of Carrot Soup *

Low fat, low sodium, low carb, easy, and tasty

Tortilla chips (10 pcs/serving)

Saw the one for pita bread but that was too much bread. Not all tortillas toast up the same which is why the tortilla is brand specific. Change the flavors at will. The olive oil is used to make the stuff stick.

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Freezer Pickles

Easy pickles without the muss and fuss of canning jars and sterilizing. Just put in freezer and last indefinitely.

Grandma's Cranberry Salad

It is not Thanksgiving or Christmas at our house without this traditional dish. We freeze cranberries in season so we can enjoy this dish all year long.

Layered Mexican Dip for Lazy Cooks

Low Fat version without the meat layer. We add a little chili powder or cumin to one of the layers but you can season to taste. I use this when I am in a hurry because all ingredients can come ready to stack without cooking or chopping.

Corn muffins Jiffy plus

Added some things to the Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix to make it moister and have more flavor

Bean Soup (pressure cooker)

After the beans are soaked overnight it is an easy step to get to the finished meal. Combine ingredients and 30 min in pressure cooker and it is done.


Easy to make


My own version with cottage cheese

Bran Squares with Raisins

Great snack. Can substitute other dried fruits for raisins or just leave them out. The bran is the health food store variety found in their refrigerator.

Tang Pie

Yes, Tang the drink! It makes a great tasting calorie loaded pie