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Recipes I've Shared:

4 Grain hot cereal.

great cold morning fare. just add milk any kind you like, maybe some fruit or berries also.

Vegetable hash

you can use any raw veggies here, they all get fried.

Ham in puff pastry apetizer

modified from Kevin lee Jacobs salami recipe.
you can also add other veg,meat and sauce to this

Thai vegetable soup

easy low calorie and quick and instead of water and lobster base use broth.Want some protein ? add tofu ,chicken or shrimp

Tomato Salsa (hot)

spicy salsa to top fish or can be used for panzanella salad.

Sausage & Chicken Cajun Jambalaya

adapted from Evolving Table

Chickpea & Bean Salsa

needed to use up some beans ,so here is a "salsa" you can always add more tomato or tomato sauce.

Bean Soup with corn , peppers and chorrizo

this can be made vegetarian without the meat and swap broth to veggie broth (dear Hubby likes meat.)
just adjust the veggies and beans to your liking..

Red Lentils tikka masala

add some spinach at the end of cooking if you desire.

French spice cake.Pain D'Espices (1 loaf/ 815 g.20 slices @ 41g serving)

good as a snack, with maybe marmalade ,nut butters etc.

whipped goat cheese spice dip.

this is a take on Alon Shaya's Whipped Goat Cheese (which i did not like) hence the added spices and dressing.

Salmon patties.

Leftover cooked salmon? try this.

Fresh Pineapple salsa

goes well with fish and salmon

Chicken phall

original recipe calls for lamb.

Poblano chile soup (modified from Saveur)

Saveur recipe has 1 cup of cream also in soup and serves it with a spoonful of sour cream. You can add if you like.

Swedish pea soup

could not find whole yellow peas ,so I used split yellow peas.
I also like more spice so I added some chili powder and baharat.

Bourride , fish stew

This is supposed to have aioli added ,I just used lemon juice and egg yolk to thicken this a little. Leaving out the olive oil 1 cup, saves almost 300 cal./serving

Spicy Shirataki Noodles (adapted from Vegetarian Times)

made an error first time I shared this ,now it is fixed.

Best Lemon Tart (by Kevin Lee Jacobs) serves 8

Instead of making Kevin's pate Brissee I used Marie Callender's pastry shell and pre baked it.

3 and 6 mix.Suppliment. (PH BalanceDiet)

From the PH Balance Diet ,provides you with the essential fatty acids.

Stewed Peppers and Onions (modified from

I used 1 Tbsp olive oil instead of the 3 the recipe called for.

Chicken &Lemon Polpettine (Kevin Jacobs,A Garden for the house)

Recipe from A Garden for the House/Kevin Lee Jacobs

Broccoli and Potato Soup (from

a few tweaks ,1 used 1 tbsp. of oil and 1 tbsp. butter
recipe calls for 2 butter.I also added celery .

Tomato salad with garlic & olive oil (adapted from Ina G's pasta)

This tomato salad can be used with pasta , other greens.

Salad w/Kale,Spinach and Romaine (basic for you to add to)

Basic salad for anyone to add to , nuts, dressing, cheese e.t.c.

Melt in your mouth chicken (modified fromK.Williamson)

Fount this online, at Kristy Williamson's site.
I modified it a little, swapped reg.yogurt for fat free, and instead of salt I used smoked paprika.

Matcha Latte (from Bon Apetit)

a morning treat instead of coffee.

Kale and sausage.(Gruenkohl und pinkel) German.

any sausage can be used ,I prefer smoked myself.
Italian spicy or brats will work too. calorie count may change.

Khao Soi base for veggies or chicken (adapted from BonApetit)

from BA's chicken soup, I use the paste and add milk and broth, use it as a curry for cauliflower, broccoli chick peas and to cook chicken.

Chipotle chicken (adapted from

I switched regular sour cream for fat free.
Also skinned the thighs

Creamy Broccoli and Spinach soup (from RealSimple)

I used olive oil in place of butter
1/2 cup fatfree greek yogurt instead of sour cream

Fresh Pea Soup (adapted from Barefoot Contessa)

Ina has creme fraiche in the soup I swapped it for yogurt
she also uses 2 tbsp butter for the leeks and onions
I used 1 Tbsp oil.

Bean soup with kale

I think any bean will work here but this is what i had at hand.for a faster dinner
use canned beans.also chicken broth can be swapped for vegetable broth.

Chipotle chicken

adapted from ""
I changed the sourcream to greek yogurt,and used chicken thighs instead of whole legs.saving about 120 some calories per serv.

Smoky Marinara (1/2 cup/serv)

adapted from

Curried Roast Potatoes

indian side dish, called for 3oz butter, I substituted with 2 tbsp olive oil.

Squash and bean stew with tomato and green beans

you can use canned beans i did not due to salt content.

Garlic shrimp & white beans (adapted from BonApetit)

Original recipe calls for 6 Tbsp oil and just 1 Lb shrimp
(i do not eat shrimp so I exchanged 8oz for sea scallops
and 1 Tbsp oil was enough to saute in)

minty green bulgur patties

This can also be made with couscous (i did not have any on hand)

Ragu' Bolognese my way

calls for ground veal and ground beef
i used chopped chicken breast and chopped 'skinny" pork.Had no pancetta at home ,added smoked paprika powder.

Wild rice salad

adopted from a recipe at food Network.

Fish soup with potatoes and saffron

I used the fish i had in the freezer, you can use all salmon if you like or any fish.

Tofu & Vegetable curry

I would use less liquid next time, a bit too much sauce.
and also vegetable broth wich i did not have at home.

Tzatziki sauce my way

made this to avoid a lot of salt.

Israeli chicken (adapted from streetfood)

this was originally served in a pita ,and with liver , heart and gizzards,wich i switched for chicken breast and thighs.

Chicken Ropa Vieja

I used an already cooked chicken deboned
both white and dark meat.

Garlic roasted chicken (Pollo al Ajillo)

this is a limmer version of Pollo al Ajillo

Morrocan chickpea Chili

adapted from myrecipes
I use dried garbanzos they have less salt than the canned ones
It is faster if you use canned garbanzos apx 35 min. total
the salt wil be higher apx 540 mg/serv.

FLOUNDER cardamomfish kardemumma fisk

swedish recipe, calls for cream I used 1/2 and 1/2.
3tbs port. I left it out.used low sodium broth instead.
If you want it thicker mix 1 tbs butter w/3 tbs flour and whisk into sauce before cooking fish.

Watermelon Tomato gaspacho


prep time is about 15 min.
chill time 1 hour.

Cucumber Mint Soup

this one comes from
prep time 15 min.
chill time 2 hours.

Grilled Zucchini caprese sandwich

from Cooking Light magazine
I substituted the fresh mozzarella for goat cheese.

Sesame-Shitake Bok Choy(makes 5 3/4 cups)

from Living well, i omitted 2tbs oystersauce.(too salty)
If you use it, stir it in at the end before serving.

Pork ,Barley and Beef stuffed Bell Peppers

using only beef, or turkey sausage will lessen the calori count.

Turkey and vegetable soup

I used the carcass of a turkey breast for the broth and meat.
Skimmed off the fat.
bur the nutrition here is with no salt or fat broth.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Roasted vegetables (1 cup serv)

each one of the veggies here when diced , equals 1 cup.

Garden Veggie Pasta with Cilantro pesto

from BH and Gardens
This can also be varied with other veggies of the seasons.

Pasta with golden tomatoes (by Mario battali)

I cut a little fat by using 2 tbs oli instead of 4 and .5 cup parmezan instead of 1 cup.

Spiced coffee

from eat better america

Calcutta Pork Curry

For less calories use only milk 1%.instead of yogurt.

Pear muffins.

Made these to day, next time I will try with apples and cinnamon,the pear taste is a bit too mild for me.
overall a good snack at 126 calories.

Garden Minestrone (from

I slimmed it a bit by having 8 tbs of asiago cheese instead of 8 oz.. want meat? add one chicken breast diced.

Lamb shanks with vegetables.

There might be more than 4 oz of meat on each shank, so you may have to re-calculate the servings, just remove meat from bones before serving..Add or omit spices and veggies according to your taste.
i use very little salt so everyone can add at the table.

Reuben Casserole w/ham

I used smoked ham instead of Kielbasa.

French Onion Soup(with or w/o bread & cheese)

This soup has the nutrition info without the cheese and bread, that way you can decide how much cheese and bread to use.

potato salad with tomato & olives

had something similar to this in Italy and it was very tasty.
You can add more olive oil if needed.

chicken ropa vieja

adapted from 2007

Pasta with lemon

adusted from mario Batali I left out 1 stick of butter,added 1 tsp olive oil

creamy onion and asparagus soup

if you like more spice add chopped jalopeno
cant find Tamarind ,you can use grated lemon peel

Piri - Piri Chicken (no glace) Epicurious

By not making a glace for this it has less calories

Mixed Raita

Goes well with meat dishes or fish

chicken avellino (pollo avellino)

spicy.The chicken broth can be exchanged with 1 cup of
dry white wine as in original recipe,also 6 Tbs of olive oil,
i cit it down to2.Tbs..

Hungarian porcini-Potato Latkes

from Bon Apetit Dec.2001
I changed 7 Tbs of oil to only 3 ,used non stick pan to fry
i works, and less cal.

wild rice and ground lean beef

Any leftovers from this can also be used as stuffing for bell peppers.just stuff add parmezan and bake in oven.

Chicken buffard(indian recipe)

if you prefer you can also use beef.or chicken breast.
and 1 whole can of coconut milk and less water. (more cal.)

seafood soup

you can exchange the fat free milk with half & half,
add or change the fish as well for whatever is aval.or in season.Add potato for a more robust meal.

oatmeal/cranberry/raisin cookies

found this while i was in sweden

Bombay chicken curry with coriander and coconut milk

I think the calorie count is wrong ,i used thigh without skin so the count should be be apx.165 for the chicken pc. not 200.very spicy you can reduce the ammount of fresh chile pepper if it is a really hot one.

cauliflower and crab Chowder 2 cup/ serv

This is fairly mild if you want more heat add a pc of jalopeno
and some more hot paprika powder.

Fresh Salsa 4oz serving

refreshing suitable for fish and sea food and

roasted cherry tomatoes

you can use fresh buffoalo mozzarella as well.

greek olive bread (glazed clay bowl)

this is baked in a glaced clay bowl. can probably be baked on regular pan also.

sauteed tomatillo and onion mix

this is really good on chicken or pork fillet
or as topping for baked potato

Incredible! (1 rating)
chef salad level-1 (p90x)

from the p90X nutrition plan

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