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Seitan Pot Roast

A swell go-to for the icebox; serve it up the first night for hot dinner, and the next night or two as hotshots or subs!

Papi's REAL Chicken Nuggets

I love my grandson; hearing how he eats what are called 'chicken nuggets' in other venues, I'm dismayed, to say the very least. But...I'm not gonna force MY views on him. I just give him the choice of "Vegan" vs "NOT Vegan," and hope I'm making an impact upon his rationale. Be that as it may, as I said, the commercially-prepared nuggets aren't what I'd call good for you. So, I made these for the little guy. And, he loves them.

Dark Ale Seitan

Seitan with a deep, rich flavor from the dark beer used to make it.

Vegan Bean/Soy Protein/Quinoa Burritos

GREAT Breakfast item: nice carb load and SUPER dose of protein keeps ME full until after noon!

Vegan Garlic Onion Sausage

I used to love garlicky, herb-laden Polish sausage; here's my particular take on the heavily-spiced, compassionate version.

Black Bean and Wheatberry Burritos

Protein Bombs, I like to call these. FULL of protein, LOADED with fiber, and smuggling a pretty decent dose of calcium. Tone down the sriracha if you like...OR, add more.

Vegan Sausage Bites

I was making pasta the other night; couple of bags of last year's garden tomatoes, diced onion, spices, etc...and thought, "Wow, some protein would top this off, nicely." So, I grabbed the gluten flour, the food processor, and BANG! Sausage Bites! Veg*n, no less!

Basic Seitan, Spicy

Protein replacement.

Seitan's Own Coneys

Veg*n-friendly shortie-dogs, to go with our Veg*n Cincy Chili.

Vegan Wild Rice Patties

Wild rice blend, with lentils, sundried tomatoes and corn...these are chock FULL of protein, fiber, heart-healthy fats and flavor!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Vegan (non)Meat Balls

Wheat gluten-oatmeal 'meatballs,' great on subs, pasta, or sauced as an appetizer. Vegan-friendly.

Vegan Gyro Loaf

Gone Vegan or vegetarian? Miss gyros? Yeah, me too. So, here we have the taste, the texture, the excitement of a really GREEK-tasting sammidge, with absolutely NONE of the animal products. NONE. Dig THAT!.

Tzatziki (Vegan)

This recipe, closely related to Iranian mast-o-khiar, is a cucumber salad, strongly flavored with garlic and dill, and meant to be served as a dressing for gyro sandwiches. Now, rest assured, there are as many TYPES of gyro as there are cooks. Some use cubed meat, some use a strongly-spiced meatloaf. Mine uses Seitan roll.

Grilled Flatbread

Fast, light, and whole-grain.

Lentils with couscous and red lettuce

VERY nice salad! Colorful, tasty, and just FULL of flavor and texture. NOT vegan-friendly, and only ovo-lacto-vetarian-friendly, this salad is pretty much a complete meal, nutritionally, all by itself. Try it with drained, water-pached tuna!

Pasta e fagioli

Not quite 'pasta fazool,' but even LESS 'pasta e lenticchie,' this is a totally vegan, incredibly low-fat and high-nutrient interpretation of a Sicilian classic. DO it. You KNOW you wanna!

Very Good (3 ratings)
Red lentils with Acini de Pepe

Red lentils, in themselves a powerhouse of nutrition, combined with fast-cooking soup pasta, acini de pepe (
e) for even more protein, and texture, dresses up with a whole mess o' veggies. A no-brainer to prep, this one cooks in TEN MINUTES, and stands alone, or, you can add your favorite compassionate protein.

Incredible! (6 ratings)
Seitan Sausage

I quit eating "things with feet" to get my MD off my back about cholesterol and blood pressure...and, because I married a pretty little thing 12 years younger than me. I mean, do the math: I'm older, so, statistically speaking, I should take a croak, before her. Well, I don't WANNA. But, foods like sausage are the paving stones of the road to hell, from a dietary standpoint. And, one of my favorite foods. So, here's a VERY viable substitute. You're going to need cheesecloth and stout string; dental floss will do.
Try this, and play with the spicing to make your own mouth happy. Trust me, it's darn near indistinguishable from traditional sausage. Except that it won't clog your heart.

Tomato Mushroom Yaki-fu

A wheat-based meat substitute, this bakes up like bread. I slice it to use AS bread, for sandwiches; or, I dunk it in egg (okay, NOT vegan, but ovo-lacto-vegetarian) to make a savory French toast; it can be cubed and toasted in the oven as a chewy-crunchy crouton for soups or salads, as well.

Vegan Pizza

!!!Note that the mixing/cooking time is 45 minutes; the actual RISING time for the dough is OVERNIGHT!!!
This was my first venture into strictly vegan cooking...COMPLETELY animal-product-free. And, it was SUPER. Even my mother-in-law liked it. A LOT. That speaks VOLUMES. If you're just starting out vegan, make sure that when you buy the cheese, you don't see the words "casein," "milk solids" or "whey" in the ingredients. Look for "vegetable rennet" in the ingredients, as well.
WEIGH the flour; 'cups' doesn't mean a rat's whisker to me; I use weight rather than mass, whenever possible, so I can accurately calculate nutritional values. I'm LIKE that.

Vegan Hot Dogs

Of all the things I miss, hot dogs have to be at the top of the list. I can pass up roast beef, Big T pork loin chop sandwiches, southern fried chicken...NOT hot dogs. I mean, I DO pass up hot dogs, but...there's that minor yearning. So, if, like me, you're having trouble with the past...make kinder, gentler hot dogs. And, lemme tell ya, brothers and sisters: these surprised even ME. BTW, these FREEZE real well. Make 'em ahead, nuke and enjoy!

Vegan Sandwich Loaf

Adapted from The Vegan Dad.
Tired of never being able to have a good sandwich, just because you're vegetarian or vegan? Those other guys, showing off their stacked sammidges like WWE wrestling belts, and you're sucking wind, hanging on to a PB&J? Now, you can tell 'em ALL to kiss off, because here we have LUNCH STUFF! Slice it thinly, and stack SIX OUNCES (or, dial it back and make two, three ounce servings!) of pretty acceptable lunch meat substitute with your favorite non-dairy cheese, vegan mayo or what-have-you. G'wan...just because we're tree-huggers doesn't mean we hafta eat cardboard!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Fava Bean Soup with Pasta

Hearty but light; vegetarian/vegan, and COMPLETELY satisfying. No brainer to fix.

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Seitan Bratwurst

Here we go...summertime's a-comin', and there's nothing like a good brat, huh? Except for the fats, chemicals, additives...'bratwurst,' the German word for "down-payment on a coronary disease." These are ALL natural, non-chemically-enhanced, GREAT for those watching fat intake, SUPER for protein sourcing, and animal-friendly.

Jao Tze: Steamed, filled dumplings

Steamed dumplings with date paste. Tasty, delicate (Durum atta flour is gluten free, so you can knead the hell out of it, and not have it get tough and chewy)

Very Good (5 ratings)
Seitan Chorizo

I started with my basic seitan recipe; tweaked it somewhat, and came up with this. Now, my little love-of-my-life isn't too very hot on seitan (and, yaki-fu? Not in the LEAST!) but she stopped, mid-bite, on this one, and looked at me with "I-love-you" eyes. Yeah, they're THAT good.

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