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Recipes I've Shared:


If you like Belgian Waffles, this recipe is a keeper!!! You will NEED A WAFFLE MAKER MACHINE.

221 Calorie Black Bean /Orzo RIce /Lentil SOUP ~

HIGH IN FIBER ~13.1 g AND Protein ~14.7 grams!!!!

111 Calorie Potato Cheese Soup

LOW CALORIE Potato Soup ~However MUCH TIME PREP!!!!!
NOTE: The servings are per 1/2 cup!!!

2 Chicken POT PIES {1 to eat +1 to freeze!} 379 cals ~made by my Chef Husband!

Delicious and nutritious!~HOWEVER~ you will NEED a FOOD SCALE to measure out ~.
OR buy 3 one and one -half lb.pkgs. of chicken {not cooked~ready to cook}
2 BOXES of Kroger REFRIGERATED PIE CRUSTS{2 ARE IN EACH BOX~You will need two boxes=4 crusts~since you are making BOTH pot pies simultaneously,you need 2 pie crusts PER pie!

VERY LOW CAL LENTIL SOUP made by my Chef Husband!

Less than 100 calories per 1/2 cup serving ! VERY flavorful and NO SODIUM ADDED!!! Add Take~ and~ Bake~ Tuscan bread From Kroger market to cook in 10 minutes in the oven to be the perfect accompaniment to this delicious and NUTRITIOUS HIGH~ IN ~FIBER SOUP!!!!



Cranberry -Pumpkin Bread

Soft,flavorful twist on pumpkin bread that is GOOD to the taste buds and good for you!~But calories are HIGH ~197 per slice !You can FREEZE the extra loaf made up to 1 month!

Meatloaf as made by my Chef Husband!273 cals per "deck of cards" slice~

Very tasty meatloaf~using ground chicken and ground beef.

62 calorie /355 mg sodium~ VEGETABLE & WILD RICE SOUP Made by my CHEF HUSBAND!

Note: RICE stays at bottom of soup so "dig deep"into 8 qt. pot before you serve it HOT!!!!
I ALWAYS ADD Shredded Parmesan Cheese{1/4 cup for ONE Cup of soup}as a TOPPING and add the cals separately! It REALLY is FUN to have a cheesy topping on the soup and the cals are so LOW ,it is easily "affordable" in calories!
ENJOY with soft Ciabatta bread for a GREAT ,WARM MEAL!

Chewy Butterscotch Cookies

NOTE: 1/2 cup br.sugar +1/2 cup sugar at the end of the recipe are for the TOPPING that you ROLL the cookies in BEFORE they bake!

Butterscotch~ Toffee~ Cashew Cookies

Chewy ,wonderfully sweet cookies. Having one may not be enough!

Almond Anise Seed Biscotti

Make sure you have a cookie baking sheet in addition to a biscotti* pan {*they are long rectangle pans specificly for biscotti ;Wilton makes them. If you do not have a biscotti pan ,you will have to shape the rectangle yourself and then your servings amount will depend on how you cut them on a cookie baking sheet.
These biscotti are the perfect accompaniment to morning tea or coffee~dunking allowed and preferred ,but not too long or they'll break in the liquid! They have a licorice taste {from the anise seed}. You can find the anise seed in the Baking setion of your grocery store where all the other extracts/spices are .It is anise seed .

Mini Apricot Tartlets

A rich bite of an apricot pecan pie in a tartlet! NOTE: MINI muffin pan is needed for this recipe and preferably 2 sets of pans.

Nestle Toll House Bar Cookie Bites {really 1-3 bites per small cookie}

Chocolate Chip cookie recipe spread into a round cookie pan{similar to a 13in.x9in.} to create a bar cookie and cut with a PIZZA CUTTER to make VERY SMALL cookie bites to cut the calories down to size {and yet enjoy one of my favorite cookies at Christmas or anytime!}.

Salty Chocolate Bark

Traditional chocolate bark combined with an unusual salty taste makes for an irresistible combination for a twist on a sweet treat!

173 calorie Black Bean Soup as made by my Chef Husband!

Note:Sodium is 918 ; 173 calories per 1 cup serving; HIGH in IRON !

Halibut~~As made by my CHEF HUSBAND!!

My hubby is NOT a REAL CHEF,but anexcellent cook who throws ingredients together and it comes out great-tasting! I, on the other hand ,NEED TO MEASURE, so I wrote out this recipe as he was preparing it! Hope you enjoy @ 173.4 cal. per 0.5 fillet per person!