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Recipes I've Shared:

my (bryanm) 450 12’’ Fathead Keto Pizza Crust

I took several “Fathead” Keto-friendly pizza crusts that I found on the Internet, took a little bit from each one and came up with my own. Along the way, I burnt myself, singed one of my cats, and turned the air blue several times swearing, but I finally created a crust that I really like. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

my (bryanm) Keto Salmon Poke

All the Poke. None of the rice.

my (bryanm) Beyond Meat Meatloaf With Keto Meatloaf Sauce

A (mostly) vegan, relatively low carb "meat" loaf.

my (bryanm) Meatloaf

My Keto friendly meatloaf

my (bryanm) Fathead Keto-Friendly Pizza Crust/Naan

Use for pizza crust or a delicious snack

my Teriyaki Honey Chicken - 100g/Serving, 300 gram(s)

my Teriyaki Honey Chicken - 100g/Serving, 300 gram(s) ⊗

my Honey Mustard

My own honey mustard. I have been told it it better than Chick-fil-a sauce

my Peanut Chicken (246g/Serving)

My take on Peanuts Chicken

my Chicken & Dumplings (312g/Serving)

My highly experimental chicken & dumplings. My goal is to have my oldest son, Joshua, try and like it.

Sammy The Slicer's Bare Bones Guacamole Dip - 64g/Serving

One lazy Sunday morning, I started hacking into some avocados I had bought. My middle son, Samuel wanted to help, so I showed him how to prepare the avocados. He learned to dice tomatoes too.

HDG Spaghetti Sauce From Can

Spaghetti sauce starting from can

Sausage Muff McEggin

My version of McDonald's Sausage Egg McMuffin

Muff McEggin

My own egg McMuffin

Bryan's Leftover Spaghetti Mix

Bryan's Leftover Spaghetti Mix

Pork Tenderloin Breakfast Burrito

Great for leftover pork loin.