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Recipes I've Shared:

Chocolate Chip Cookies - small batch - three cookies

Just three cookies! Mix in one bowl on a food scale. Do not eat any dough. It all must go into the cookies! I reduced the sugar and chocolate chips a little from the oiginal recipe

Chocolate Heath Bar Cookies

This is adapted from a recipe in "Small Batch Baking" and AllRecipes.

Super Chocolate-y. Substitute a chopped Heath Bar for choc chips!

Brownies - Just three brownies!

Makes 3 perfect brownies! Made in one bowl on a food scale.

French Fries - super crunchy!

The potato will absorb less oil if the oil is very hot and stays hot.

I weighed the oil before and after frying. I started with 33 grams of oil and 10 grams were left in the pan after I was done.

Sauerkraut Soup - Bigos (Polish Hunter's Stew) (serving is 23 oz)

See directions below for better ingredients list.

I can't eat as much meat as the original recipe calls for. I bought a polish dog at Costco's snack bar and used that (minus the bun!). I also added more vegs than the original recipe.

I make my own sauerkraut.

Original recipe:

Greek Salad Dressing for one

Make in a food processor

Backpacking Cheese Sandwich

Cheese on a tortilla... That's about it.

Cheese will last a shocking long time without refrigeration. I have taken cheese out for 8 days. Use either cheese slices or tubes of string cheese. Fake American, Velveeta-like "cheese-food" lasts forever.

White flour tortillas last longer than whole wheat or ciabatta rolls. Whole wheat tortillas and rolls (both white and whole wheat) tend to go moldy after 2-3 days. White flour tortillas stay "fresh" for 8-10 days.

Sandwich bread works fine, if space is not an issue. Soft taco sized tortillas work great in a bear can.

Backpacking Chili Mac and Fritos

Mountain House, pasta and corn chips

I usually eat this cold for lunch.

Backpacking Breakfast Scramble and Hashbrowns

A favorite cold lunch!

Mountain House and Dehydrated hashbrowns from Costco or Amazon.

I have to eat less than 60 grams of protein a day for health issues. Thus, I only eat 1/3 of the breakfast skillet package.

Backpacking Tuna Salad Sandwhich

Tuna on a tortilla... not much more to say.

Backpacking Beans, Rice and Lime Fritos

A favorite lunch.

Santa Fe refried beans are already dehydrated and available in some grocery stores or on Amazon. I have dehydrated canned refried beans and like Santa Fe brand better.

The True Lime really adds a lot of flavor! Reminds me of Chipotle Restaurant tortilla chips.

Hiker Trash Spam Sandwich - backpacking

This is an unhealthy (but so delicious!!!) lunch which should, obviously, only be eaten while hiking! At least it is Spam Lite. Can you say "health halo"!?!?

Spicy mustard makes this much classier!

Backpacking Izzy's Cereal

Izzy was a well loved baker who made this chewy, filling, healthy cereal.

Backpacking Pasta and Pesto

A favorite backpacking meal. It is good either hot or cold and works great if you go stove-less.

Pesto stays good unrefrigerated for several days under "normal" (California mountain) backpacking conditions. I don't know how it does in the desert or in very humid conditions.

Backpacking Coffee

Medaglia D'oro Instant Expresso/coffee dissolves in cold water!

Nido is calorific and like crack and addicting. Don't eat it at home or you may gain weight. Don't ask how I know... :(

Note: We don't care for the Nido with a child on the label. We like the childless, plain yellow labeled Nido best.

Backpacking Fried Rice for dehydrating in a dehydrator

Below is good video showing how to make "fried" rice with no oil. Very low fat/oil recipes dehydrate best.
I use the video guy's fat free "frying" technique, except that I add soy sauce, etc, and don't use eggs. I also use brown rice. You can use homemade rice, but I prefer the way Minute Rice rehydrates.

Video - Fried Rice for Backpacking:

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Chewy (small batch!)

An old fashioned cookie recipe for a small family! Really, who needs 48 cookies when you just want a couple of cookies????

Tips for a chewy cookie: Use melted butter and dark brown sugar. Slightly under bake the cookies.

Measure ingredients into one bowl on a food scale. No dirty measuring cups to wash!

Nelson's Favorite Sugar Cookies

Our favorite sugar cookies made in ONE bowl on a food scale. No measuring cups to wash! :) I didn't intend to use Smart Balance Light, but didn't have enough butter. Cookies came out great!

Apple Chutney (1 serving = 1 oz or 2 tbsp)

From the Ball Blue Book - Guide to Home Canning, Freezing & Dehydration

Grandma's Irish Soda Raisin Bread - 2 loaves

Grandma was born in 1898 and came to America in 1924. She was from Northern England, but married an Irishman and made this bread often for holidays and snacks.

The original recipe was made with white flour, margarine and more sugar. I cut the sugar and make it with whole wheat flour.

Grandma used a pastry blender to cut the butter into the flour and sugar. I use a food processor.

NOTE: King Arthur's White Whole Wheat Flour works great. Trader Joe's White Whole Wheat sucked up the liquid and the loaf came out dry and gritty and tasted "wrong".

Lemon Pie Cookie Bars - Small Batch - Just 3 cookies

This cookie has a lemon pie filling on a short bread cookie crust. They are not low fat or low calorie, but they are incredible!!

You need a mini loaf pan (about 3"x5") to make 3 cookies.

Measure ingredients into one bowl on a food scale. No dirty measuring cups to wash!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Small Batch Desserts
My family of 3 needs 48 cookies like we need more rocks in our heads!
"The food's brown, hot, and plenty of it." Cookie - from the movie City Slickers I usually go stoveless - so the food is actually cold... but it is often brown and I do like large servings!
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