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Trader Joe's Butternut Squash Soup Hack

Boxed soup is usually "just ok" as is... so I like to enhance them. TJ's Organic Butternut Soup is pretty tasty, but with the additional greens, beans, and pepper it's oh so much better!

Tomato Cabbage Curry Soup

Yummy, fat-free, and filling cabbage soup.

Tomato Cabbage Curry Soup

Yummy, fat-free, and filling cabbage soup.

Vegan Split Pea Soup

Getting ready for a blizzard!

Pesto Brie & Veggie Sandwich & Salad (baked)

A tasty sandwich packed with protein, perfect for summer dining on the porch. Excellent paired with this fresh, herby green salad.

Garden Egg Wrap & Fruit Salad

Fresh veggies and seasonal fruits make this wrap a great summer dish.

Orange Gazpacho w/ Avocado

Yummy cold soup w/ orange tomatoes. Excellent with a grilled cheese.

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Crock-Pot Carribean Black Beans

Yay. Beans again... well, sometimes I think that but not often. I mean, I really love beans and am absolutely fine with eating them often. It's just that I typically don't get excited about a new flavor or experiment when cooking black beans. I usually am satisfied and pleased with my traditional method. But, I recently found a recipe online and thought, hmmm, I can make that work and got excited once again about the fabulous black bean!

Barley, Nut & Raisin Stuffed Zucchini

There's only so much rice a vegetarian can eat! Especially when feeding the non-veg hubby. I use a lot of quinoa and millet, but this time all I had was barley. Barley is an under-rated grain. It's versatile and is an easy replacement for typical rice dishes or stuffing bases. And there's only so many times I can include TVP or tofu or tempeh in a meal for protein without getting sick of it, so I decided nuts would work this time.

Black & White Chili (Vegetarian), Crock Pot Style

It's winter so it's a good time for Chili. I only had white and black beans and only a little less than a cup I combined them. It turned out delicious!

Madras Curry Chickpea Stew with Mock Chicken

I love Curry! This has it all. Normally you'd find peas and cauliflower in such a dish, but I had broccoli. It was still wonderful. Serve with basmati or wild rice. Yum.

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