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Recipes I've Shared:

Celery soda

Very good on hot day, but it does taste like very mild celery. The relish is good on hot dogs or burgers, can be use the same as sweet pickle relish but with out all the calories.

Frosting (fat free and low sugar)

This is very good on my salad dressing cake on this site.

Miracle Whip Chocolate cake (very low fat and very low sugar)

This is so good but, this will not rise as high as if you used sugar. The first time I made this I was worried but it taste so good and is very moist. I used frosting that I experimented with and it was very good I mixed 1 package of instant sugar free vanilla pudding with one container of of free cool whip. It is very good and one piece of cake with frosting is only about 121 calories and it helps your sweet tooth with out feeling guilty. I took this to a chili cook off at church and everyone liked it so much there was none left, the only dessert that was all gone. I had several request for the recipe and no one could tell it was sugar free. I made a double batch and made 2 layers in 10 inch round pan, and put frosting between layers. On top I only put colored sprinkles to go with the Mexican theme, it was so pretty.

Mexican Bean salad

Made for Chili cook off at church and it was a hit I got this from All Recipe and everyone wanted recipe. It is so good and it makes a lot, I added the extra can of beans for color and to increase the number of servings. (High in fiber)

slow cooked round steak and mushrooms

Easy with little work and can be served to company or anytime. I served it with home made butternut squash soup, baked potato, mixed vegetables, home made apple sauce and Chocolate pie for dessert to company and they loved it.

Brown sugar meatloaf

This recipe is one found on AllRecipes that is 344 calories per serving with changes it is now 188

Easy Cauliflower soup

Very thick and rich. Wonderful on a cold snowy night in front of fire

Easy Roasted vegetables

So good for everyday or company and supper easy.

Cabbage soup

Very thick and filling, great on a cold winter night. freezes well

Garden Fresh Tomato Soup

High in fiber, low in fat and so good. Great diet food without that diet taste.

chili with beans

Very high fiber and a great comfort food on a cold winter day. (Super super easy) I used what I had on hand but could use low salt items and low fat ground beef. A great place to start, can be tweeked to suit your taste. Good way to make a little meat go a long way.

French Cream Dip for Fruit

Super easy, only for special times, not diet friendly, but oh so good.

scalloped potatoes and ham (NO CHEESE PLEASE)

This is one of my husbands favorite recipe he doesn't like cheese in scalloped potatoes he said if you put in cheese they become augratin potatoes.


Very good and so easy to make, also good to take when you need a dish to pass. Never any leftovers and its good for you.

Raspberry no guilt shake

My daycare kids love it and it's healthy. Good for young and old.