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Recipes I've Shared:

Sneaky Joes

serves 8, 275 cals with a whole wheat burger bun, 134 cals for 1/2 c filling only.
Sloppy joes with tons of veggies, black beans, and lean ground beef. You'll love all the flavor and texture in this trimed down sloppy.

Mini Low-Carb Pancakes

9 servings, 95 calories per serving, 8 net carbs

Filling pancakes, always turn out perfect.
Made as mini pancakes for portion control, dipping, or kids.

Fruit can be added (in chunks) to sweeten without syrup. Sugar is very low and helps them brown.
White flour or wheat flour can be substituted for the soy flour, but it adds carbs.
Gluten free flour mixes work very well too.
I often make a triple batch and freeze them for quick breakfasts.

Blueberry Banana Buttermilk Pancakes

4 pancakes per serving, 9 servings, 115 calories per serving.
Great kid food or treat on a diet.
Freezes well, can be reheated in the toaster or microwave for a super quick breakfast.
Chopped fruits and flours can be substituted as needed.
DO NOT leave out oil or sugar, trust me, they WILL NOT turn out well.

Eggless Milkless Banana bread

Basic Banana bread recipe. Lard has no trans fats, like crisco does. Can use margerine, but the result is not as dense and silky. Sugar can be substituted with splenda granulated for lower carbs and all wheat flour, or wheat pastry flour can be used for more whole grains. Gluten-free flour mixes can be used if needed. Can be made lower carb by using soy flour instead of the white flour.

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