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Recipes I've Shared:

Cabbage Cauliflower Smoothie

Deliciously sweet way to sneak raw veges into your food. High Protein, all complex carb sugars, thick and creamy drink.

protein shake chocolate

I didn't like the taste so I kept adding things till it tasted good. Should have left out the sugar.

Mango protein drink

already have a recipe named Mango Smoothie so can't call it that, but that's what it is.

Garbanzo Smoothie

Not my best invention, but good on steel cut oats.

Autumn tasting Smoothie

There is no squash in this, but it taste like an Autumn smoothie to me.

Mango Smoothie

most delicious

Applesauce smoothie

acquired taste Was trying to avoid adding banana so ended up adding more fruit than would have liked

Vege Tofu

I made this because I can't eat salsa because of the salt and heat. You may want to use a spicier salsa if you like the heat but can't have the salt. It's kind of chunky to use with chips, but I love putting it on top a bed of greens.

Chicken gumbo stuffing for tortillas

This was a soup recipe from spark that I used suggested added ingredients, plus what I had in the freezer. It's not soup at all. When finished, the rice soaked up all the broth. Great alone, in a salad, wrapped in a tortilla, or add more broth and have soup!

peanut tofu banana spread

This is great on toast, or any open faced sandwich. I used a one cup food processor to make this. Also, I grind my own peanut butter at the co-op. It could also be used as a vege dip for celery or as you please. It IS sweet.

Vegatable Dip

Great way to get your veges including the fiber. Can be put on a bed of salad, dipped into with your favorite vege, used with chips, crackers, or added to wraps.

Avocado Smoothy

comes out like pudding. Next time I will try lemon instead of banana

Banana Smoothy

Plain, simple, delicious

Watermelon Banana Smoothy

Most Delicious and has a number for every category in the nutrition tracker!

Tofu tuna dip

Wonderful for dip, on top salad, sandwiches, etc. Has Mexican Seasoning to taste, but couldn't find it in food search.

lintel chicken soup

This creates a thick stew-like mixture, not soupy

Acai Berry Smoothy

Sambazon Acai berry puree is unsweeted, frozen, and loaded with Omega6 and 9 Fatty Acids. Check your local health food store.

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