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Tuna salad

Great for sandwhiches

Grandma's Deviled Eggs

This is how my grandma taught me but I use light of fat free versions of main ingredients.

RJ's Italian Soup

My son's soup recipe.

Sunday Morning Omelat

Just I can have breakfast with my family.

Country Potatos

My grandma would make these for us.

Fiesta Shrimp

Just a quick shrimp recipe

Cynthia's Cheesey Chicken Pasta

My daughters recipe for dinners

Pumpkin Brownies

Got from nutrition class

Angel food pineapple cake

Only thing I got from my last nutrition class.

Very Good (5 ratings)
homestyle spagetti

Another variation of my spagetti

Fiesta Chicken Penne

Chicken with a mexican flair

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