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Chili, with or without TVP or meat

This is a spicy, hearty chili. The ground beef can be swapped for ground turkey or an additional half cup of TVP. If you do not have TVP, double the meat. Add water if it become too thick. Use whatever beans (drained and rinsed) you have in house or omit them entirely. Do not omit the ground sage. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Meatloaf with tasty sauce

Although this is just a basic meatloaf, the sauce makes it a killer recipe. Basically, you bake the meatloaf, then about 10 minutes before it's done, you drain it and add the sauce.

Turkey Au Mil

This is a casserole good for using up leftover turkey from Thanksgiving

Runsa (12 not 8)

From Cooks Illustrated Amer

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