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Recipes I've Shared:

Fridge cake for grown ups

Instead of the brandy I've experimented with cognac and even Bailey's – all yum.

Spinach Pasta – no cook

If you like you can add 4 tablespoons of pine nuts to this recipe, which will add about 60 calories per serving.

Soup Butternut, sweet potato and carrot

A completely fat free soup with a good, rich orange colour. The addition of blended butter beans gives it a creamy consistency without adding fatty calories.

Citrus & Poppy Seed Muffins (for Electric Cupcake Machine)

40g I can't beleive it's not butter (or any low fat baking margarine)
1 tsp each grated lemon, lime and orange zest
60 g xylitol
1 small egg
120 g self-raising flour, sifted
60 ml soy milk
1 tsp poppy seeds

Mango and chicken salad

Serves 2 as a main course or 4 as a side salad

Lemon Polenta Cake (nut free)

A moreish nut-, gluten- and sugar-free recipe.

Moussaka – cheat's low fat

This recipe uses very little added oil, by cooking the aubergine in the microwave you don't have to fry it and therefore it won't soak up loads of oil as it cooks.

Alternatively, use extra lean beef mince instead of lamb mince and stir fry with 1 Tbs of olive oil.

To make this recipe even lighter, use lean beef mince, which you can fry in 1 Tbs of olive oil.

Olive Tapenade (10g serving 1/2 Tbs)

Lovely with lamb, or omitting the mint, use as a delicious spread.

Anchovy butter (serving = 10g)

Delicious on toast, hot new potatoes or steamed vegetables.


Vegan version of a Burn’s Night Dessert, Serves 4

Biscuits Jammy

Dairy, egg and gluten free

Tofu & Mango Dessert

Delicious, creamy chilled dessert.

Wraps Gluten Free

If you can't find a good gluten free flour, mix:
175 g rice flour
75 g potato starch flour
25 g tapioca flour

Victoria Sandwich Gluten Free

Gluten, Dairy and Egg-free

Muesli Gluten & Nut Free (BAKED)

One serving is about 3 tablespoons (50g), which is perfect sprinkled over yoghurt. Good to know: Substituting 15g chopped 70% dark chocolate for the banana chips will add less than 1 kcal per serving!

Baked Raspberry un-Cheesecake

Dairy, egg and gluten free. Deliciously creamy but light and dead easy to make.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Aubergine Spread (±200g)

A lovely refreshing and cooling dip. It's also delicious as a thick creamy dressing with chicken salad – except, with a fraction of the calories.

Mackerel Baked in Foil

(A BBC Recipe)

Try baking fish on top of sliced potatoes?

Muesli Gluten & Nut Free (RAW)

In this recipe, the chocolate puffs add a satisfying crunch. For something even crunchier, you can use banana chips, but bear in mind 60g (1/2 cup) will give you about 30kcal more per serving.

Pears in Cider

Easy dessert recipe for slow baked pears which are to be served chilled.


Original version of rice pudding, from India. If you're not allergic to nuts, add 3 tbs dry roasted cashews or pistachios along with the cream, sugar and raisins.

Payasam can be served as liquid as a drink or as thick as English rice pudding – which ever you prefer.

Flapjacks Princess Half Fat Fruity

You can use any fruit you like, dates or raisins. I use apricots as they are very low in calories.

When cut into 24 small bars, each serving is just 67 kcal.

Flapjacks Princess Half Fat

If cut into 24 small bars these are only 61 cals each. I tried making these with margarine, but the taste just wasn't as good. But for a vegan version margarine works fine.

Make variations by adding:
ginger spice and orange essence
carob chips
instead of agave syrup use double the amount of low sugar jam

Soup Yellow Pea & Chicken

A cream chicken and vegetable soup – without any cream!

Rice Porridge

Add mashed banana, cacao/carob or berries.

New fashioned Old-fashioned Blackberry Pudding

Gluten, Egg and dairy free. Low fat recipe.

Low Fat Lemon & Lime Cupcakes

Make 24 little cup cakes, or 12 big ones. Nutritional info is for 24 little ones.

Vegan 'honey' mustard mayo

This goes well with crudités of carrot, cucumber and baby corn.

Snack Box Crudités

Refreshingly lo-cal snack

Fish Pie Lite

Virtually fat free – as well as gluten, egg & dairy free

Very Good (2 ratings)
Pork, Apple and Sage Meatballs

Bake until golden, leaving the fat behind.

Salad Bright

Let's face it, bright food is more appetising. The gorgeous colours and sweet flavours in this salad are very satisfying.

Golden Dream Cocktail

A Golden Dream is just that, a dream. It's a creamy martini flavored with orange and just a hint of spice via the Galliano. You can also skip the cream and blend the other ingredients with ice cream for a frozen treat. Both versions are a fantastic dessert drink option.

Virtually Fat-free Hot and Sour Soup

This recipe is for one helping, so be careful when you add ingredients like garlic and chilli – don't make the portion too strong for your own taste!

Light and Free Crepes

Gluten, egg and dairy free – a basic crepe recipe for sweet or savoury courses.

Sugar Free Berry Sauce

Great filling for crepes.

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