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Recipes I've Shared:

(Mostly) Egg White Omelette w/ Tomatoes, Chicken & Quinoa

This is a delicious, filling delight for virtually any meal! I made this recipe into 2 servings because it was huge when I was done with it. I had mine with mild chow chow on the side and I must say it was an excellent addition. It would work well with salsa, fat free sour cream or your favorite, health-conscious condiment. Bon Appetit!

Dana's Reduced Fat Chipotle Chicken Fajitas

Semi-homemade! Veggies fresh cut and packaged from produce dept, frozen grilled chicken strips, and spray seasoning. Yummy and quick & easy!!

Vegan Black Bean Chili

A very yummy, heart-warming chili for vegetarians, vegans, and all others alike. One doesn't have to be a vegetarian or vegan to thoroughly enjoy this meal. If you want your carnivorous friends, family, and significant others to share in this spectacular meal with you, just don't tell them that it's not real ground beef. Unless they know that it isn't, they will never be able to tell the difference. If you're not vegetarian or vegan, but want the health benefits of the vegetarian "meat" then you can use beef broth (low sodium is best) for more of a beefy flavor. Before I became a vegan, I did this.

Veggie Mix - Great as a side, a topping, a mix-in, etc.

This is a great way to use some veggies you love that you may not know what to do with or veggies you just need to use up.

I plan on using this for multiple recipes of varying kinds, as well as a simple side. Very tasty, very healthy. Enjoy!

Sonny's BBQ Salad Bar (my salad)

They didn't have "low-fat" Italian dressing on their salad bar. The only "low-fat" or "low-cal" dressing they had was ranch. I recently went vegan, so I didn't go there. Plus, I've never enjoyed the texture of "low-fat" or "low-cal" ranch.

It was a very delicious salad, very diverse & very healthy (esp. if they'd had "low-fat" Italian; next time I'll know and carry my own). They have definitely stepped their salad bar up a notch from a few years ago. It was crap back then. No spinach, chickpeas, whole olives, beets or three bean salad. They also have raisins now, but I didn't notice them until I was leaving. =( Too bad, so sad! I know now, though! =) I hope you love it!

Since I went vegan, I knew I'd be able to eat 'something,' but wasn't certain of variety. I had a sweet potato w/ about 1 serving of the salad (total is about 2 servings, I took a 'doggy box' home). Great deal, too. I ordered the sweet potato and we got the salad w/ my hubby's dinner for only 99c. My entire meal, which was very filling and healthy, was only $2.98. The salad bar alone is $7.29 & $8.29 if you add a side of meat for your salad! Now, go to Sonny's and get you one! Was the best eating out I've ever done!

All Natural "FRY"-licious Sweet Potato UN-Fries =)

I recently (10 days ago) went vegan (I occasionally slip slightly into the vegetarian side - no actual animal products but a few "health food" products with animal derivatives) from full-blown omnivore. I always thought I could go vegetarian if I wanted or wasn't influenced by those around me b/c I like a lot of things that, for example, many meat-devouring men (women, too), most kids, and most ppl in general just can't stand. Ex: I really like brussel sprouts and ppl hate it when I cook them when they're around - especially @ work!! I was inspired by "very meat-devouring" brother-in-law who went vegan June '09. His cholesterol dropped 100 points!!! So, I decided to get healthy and do it the "easy" and yummy way: just get rid of animals, eliminate soda (maybe occasional), and limit sugary sweets (that's the HARD one).

So, I'm studying overnight and my tummy's growling. So, what do I do? I headed to the cabinets, fridge, & freezer while ignoring everything that I didn't buy. Hmmm.... "I'll have 2 of these Garden Patty burgers, no bun, and, oh yeah, I need to use that sweet potato while it's still good and I wanted to make fries with it. So, I know, I'll make some fries w/ the burger patties." The RESULT is BELOW in yumm-alicious form:

**Very yummy, too!!