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This is a great weekend cooking project (that kids just love). It often goes into my freezer so I have fresh whole wheat (inexpensive) pasta for the coming month! The dough can make whatever shape you like (bowtie, pene, etc). Then you are ready during the weekdays to just throw some into a soup; or in roasted veggies and a little olive oil & garlic, or just add a simple tasty sauce. The goodness of homemade in minutes! I make a batch of this dough and roll into 4 equal size balls (each ball equals one 'serving') as they make all four of my favorite types of pasta (or you could do just one big batch of linguini, etc). I use one ball for Spinich & Mozzerella Ravioli; 1 for chicken breast & fresh parmesean tortellini; 1 for linguini and the last ball for angelhair pasta. OR the recipe could easily be cut down for doing just one of the pastas. Remember, fresh pasta cooks a lot faster than storebought. I boil my linguini only 4 minutes (even quicker than many packaged side dishes). You just have to keep testing the pasta until it is still a little bit firm (aldente). Do not rinse as it will continue to cook in the bowl a bit).

A LSSR: Smoky Cilantro Veggie Dip

If you like cilantro, you will love this creamy, tangy smoke infused dip. It is great with raw veggies (especially red bell peppers/carrots/celery) or toasted pita bread. Sometimes I even dilute it a bit with canola (or other light) oil on my cucumber and tomato salad. It can be used instead of plain mayo on sandwiches, or drizzled over seared salmon.


SOUP LOVERS may want to try this one. It is my base soup made up of only 'zero calorie' foods (the ones they say take more calories to digest than they have in them). This is a low calorie, low fat, vitamin packed base. In the winter, I make this on the weekend for the coming week. I put NO seasoning of any kind into the base. Sounds blan, but that's the point ... during the week I can turn it into a different soup each day (to complement any main course). This makes great use of that little bit of leftover meat or beans, pasta etc. you would ususally toss. It will make about 6 (2 cup) servings. It is also good when you have fresh veggies that need to be stored. Using this base your soups will also come together quickly. I simply put some in a pot and add whatever extras I want that night. I let them simmer a little together while preparing the rest of the meal. Some additions I like are: basil, garlic and a can of crushed tomato; or cooked pasta with a dab of pesto and parmesean to go Italian: Cumin chicken and cilantro can be used to give it a Mexican twist; or you could add potatoes, leftover cooked beef and thyme to keep it good old American style; Pork, white beans and sage; parsley with chicken and cream; shrimp with a little hot chilli paste or sauce and chives; some chopped green onions with a splash of Somen soup base and Udon noodles; cooked beans, rice, lentils, barley, or other cooked whole grain can complete this base; or you could just some salt and pepper to keep it only the zero calorie veggies. Remember to add the calories of your final additions. And let go of your imagination with the spices! There ... I'm pretty sure that is at least seven soups. Since I have a garden, this has become a staple in my kitchen. It's also a good way to experiment with new herb combinations.


Fresh salmon is the star. Here is proof it needs only minor prep to be an easy, quick and elegant meal fit for company. This dish pairs well with sauted veggies, any type of rice, or just a garden salad.


This vitamin giant can substitute for an entire breakfast. Great tasting and so very nutritious you might just throw out those hard to swallow vitamins! The recipe makes 2 - 4 servings (it is calculated here as 2). I have a serving then freeze the rest (sometimes in ice pop trays) for a quick evening compensation on those days when I can't always eat well. The kids will not complain about this for breakfast either. You can vary the taste by using any other frozen fruit you like. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do ... they are 'TOTALLY' good!


I put these toppings on the whole wheat thin crust pizza dough recipe by SP 'AZIAS_MOMMY'. This is really great and freezes well (topped ... or just freeze the rolled out dough). This makes a nice lunch for under 300 calories. I like to make some to keep in the freezer for days I can't cook from scratch.

A LSSR: Kashi Pudding Dessert

When your in a hurry, this one is done in a snap! An inexpensive, simple twist on Jello Pudding adds visual interest, nutrients and yummy crunch. If served immediately it will have a big crunch (if you let it sit in refrig a bit it softens up some) do it how you like. I like to serve this in a pretty little dish or dessert glass to make the pudding something special.

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A LSSR: Celery Spiked Butternut Squash Soup

Under 100 calories per serving, this is one of my favorite fall & winter soups. It is no fuss simple, healthy with bold enough taste to have with whole grain crusty breads. The best part is all the ingredients store well for a long time ... so keep them in the pantry and you'll have a nice starter or light meal on hand for a 'to bad to go out to the store' day!

A LSSR: pop, concord grape

This is my guilt free, tangy sweet purple pop, great on a hot day.

A LSSR: pop, pineapple yogurt

So simple, this is a pineapple lovers delight! Summertime will not be complete without these for me! Also a great way to slip in some yogurt for the kids.


I came up with these moist little muffins to meet my Vitamin B12 and E needs (as I have cut red meat and pork from my diet and have a need to supplement those). No more! Just pop two of these babies in the morning and ... done! They also are easier to swallow and a lot cheeper than vitamin pills. You could easily add your favorite dried fruit or nuts to the recipe to get variety of tastes. It's true what they say about necessity .. she IS the mother of advention! These freeze beautifully and can be thawed overnight .. or go straight from freezer to micro for a few seconds if you want them hot. Moms .. this is a great way to get those nutrients in the kids because they taste pretty good too. A real time saver in the morning these little babies have also saved me a ton of time in making up my mealplans ... if nothing else .. I love them for that! enjoy

A LSSR: coffee yogurt pop

Frothy sweet frozen pop