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Warm Tuna and Navy Bean Pasta Salad

Quick and easy dinner. You can use two cans of navy beans (I used one cup dried beans for this recipe).

Minted Iced Tea

A refreshing light drink for a hot summer day!!! I used an iced tea maker, but this is also easy to make on the stove.

chocolate chip honey peanut butter cookies

This is a recipe adapted from an old family cookbook. Using honey reduces the amount of shortening needed and omits the brown sugar.

Linguine with Navy Beans and Asparagus

This recipe was adapted from the Real Simple (April 2010 issue) recipe for linguine with asparagus and pine nuts (page 238).

Easy Sunshine Scramble

Easy and filling!! Great for a Sunday brunch or easy enough for weekday breakfast. Substitute vegetarian sausage crumbles to make it even healthier.

Amy's Tofu and Veggie stir-fry

Colorful, filling, yummy!!! Don't get confused by the amounts of the ingredients - when trying to choose between cups and grams, when only needing one tablespoon, the measurements will look screwy.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Lox, onion, and cheese omelette

This omelette uses cheddar instead of cream cheese. Great for brunch, dinner, or when you need something more substantial for breakfast.

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This is a collection of my recipes - the good, the bad, and the "what the heck is this??"