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Homemade Pizza Dough

The directions given first are for mixing in a food processor. Mixing/kneading by hand method follows.

Veggie Pizza

A homemade version using much less fat than store bought or pizzeria pizza. When my vegan daughter-in-law visits, we make it substituting soy cheese for the mozzarella and since she likes pepperoni, she adds vegan pepperoni slices to hers.
The 90 minute prep time is including mixing the dough, letting it rise, then putting the toppings on.

Split Green Pea Soup

I know beans, lentils and legumes are high cal, but they are also high fiber and very good for us. I usually use yellow split peas but couldn't find any in three stores here, so I settled for green. It tasted no different in my opinion. Mmmm. Comfort food that's good for me.
Makes enough to have leftovers for lunches.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Maple-glazed Beef, Chicken and veggies

I made it with beef and chicken because I had a small pkg of each left in the freezer but it can be made with just beef, chicken or pork. Maybe with seafood or salmon. I'll give that a try sometime.

Modified Shrimp Fried Rice

I modified this recipe to increase veggies and fruit and decrease cholesterol. My husband loved it and was looking for more to take to work for his lunch the next day.