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Paleo Watercress Soup

When I was much younger a few times a week my Dad and I would go and check out the nature around our house in the Buffalo Mountains. My favorite question was (and still is) 'Can I eat it?'.
Besides the summer-sweet berries my favorite was always 'Watercrispies' with their peppery/mineral flavor that practically shouted their boasts of health. I could never get enough.
A recent trip down to the creek here at peak season for 'Watercrispies' (early May) yielded quite a good haul so I decided to see what Julia Child had to say about Watercress Soup. This is my Paleo-Friendly answer to that recipe.

Paleo Brownies

Hope these turn out well!!

Gluten Free Chicken Meatballs

This recipe is the compromise between my husband's wariness of animal fat, my adherence to a Paleo diet (or at the least gluten-free) and our love of Italian comfort food.
James (my husband) proclaimed that "I have never met a better meatball!" and ask "What kind of meat is this?". What he didn't know was that he was detecting a better balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats thanks to the Walnuts.
Who needs french bread crumbs?!?

Organic Feast of the Forrest Soup

We hunt and love what results from it. It's such a purifying practice. The silent hours settled among nature, waking up with the forest as dawn approaches, taking an animal and helping to relieve the system from overpopulation and the sickness that brings to all.

Banana Nut Love Muffins

Bake these in a Wilton heart muffin pan and split one with some bunny.
An oversize muffin pan will work too, btw. ;-)
(Double spice next time)(Ghee, Coconut Oil)(VWGluten)(egg whites)(Maple Syrup)

*Whole Wheat Oatmeal for Bread Machine

The Blue Agave nectar is really pleasant in this bread.

*Vegitarian Pepperoni Pizza (Double Recipe for Bread Machine)

I love pepperoni but am allergic to the fat that's in them. Let's try these!
This is only 1/2 whole wheat to keep the crust somewhat light and chewy.

*Quiche Fabul

This is a gem of a recipe for brunch. It has so much flavor and can be the perfect compromise between those who love ham and those who refuse to eat it.
The whole wheat crust sticks with you.
*A note about turkey bacon: Earth Fare brand and Applegate Farm's have great ham-like t.bacon that works wonderfully. These are the only two that I have tried that don't gross me out.
*Wilt fresh spinach into the pepper/onion/bacon mix after it's nearly done cooking. That's good too!

Incredible! (1 rating)
*Cold Ramen Salad (Make a day ahead)

Before you start: This recipe needs the night to marinate.
Kids, caterers and college students just can't get enough of these curly, slurpy, yummy noodles!
In this addictive salad the noodles are used uncooked then left overnight to absorb the dressing made with their spice packets.
The sodium is still out of hand in this recipe but I tried to make everything as raw and healthy as possible other than that.
The Birch Sugar or Xylitol in this recipe is a sugar substitute. It works 1:1 ratio as sugar and is safe for people but not for doggies (like chocolate).
*I'm thinking of adding edamame to the mix as well. I will update after I try it.
~Let me know what you think! Thank you! =0)

Sunshine Fruit Salad (1 cup)

Spring time is here and I long for the beach; to drink pineapple juice as the fragrance of coconut tanning lotion wafts under my shady cabana. The strawberries remind me of home while the kiwi whisper memories from exotic places. The warming sweetness of the ginger tingles echoing the glow of the sun on your skin as you lay on the sand.
I'm ginger crazed these days. It seems to be the perfect sweet to stop my craving (and it's also good for tummy issues).
I originally called it Furry Fruit Salad because the coconut makes it look all furry... but that didn't sound so appetizing and I wanted to do it justice.

Very Good (1 rating)
Ashley's Tamale Pot Pie

This casual yet flavorful low-calorie dish that's pretty quick to make nicely low key. Get your veggies in!
Serves 8

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