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Honey-Nut Coconut Yummies

I make this for a long lasting, high energy sweet snack. Combining nuts, grains, unprocessed coconut & honey with a touch of cinnamon- yes, high in fat, but these are the whole foods & healthy fats which help our bodies process food better & loose weight... not to mention that it cuts my sweet cravings down to 0.

Jack William's Tabbouleh

My great uncle passed this recipe down. He was posted in the middle east for several years, I guess he brought this back with him. Very tasty!

Kettle Corn

This is a recipe for homemade kettle corn using a Whirley Pop (stovetop model).

Grandma Cooke's Meatloaf (with ground turkey)

This was my grandmother's recipe for meatloaf. I grew up using ground hamburger but I've decided the ground turkey tastes better!

7-Grain Bread

Your basic bread recipe w/ 2 cups of 7-Grain Cereal (available at most health food stores) thrown in.

Buttered Rotini with Parmesan Cheese & Veggies

You may still think of pasta as the bad guy when you are trying to make healthy choices. However, with Ronzoni's latest offerings of whole wheat pasta & their new "Garden Delight" pasta (made with extra vegetables to create that classic tri-colored pasta), you can afford a bit of butter & cheese & still have a healthy meatless meal.

Very Good (1 rating)
Sneaky Tacos

Taco night is one of my family's favorites. This recipe came about because: 1) I needed to make tacos go further; and 2) I wanted even the picky ones to get their veggies. There's no huge breakthrough, except you get a serving of vegetables for every 2 tacos, BEFORE adding the condiments!

Smoothie Popsicles

This combines high protein/high calcium yogurt with powerful anti-oxidant berries into a yummy dessert or snack. To maintain the pro-biotic benefits of live culture yogurt you can eat this immediately as a thick frozen shake. You can also freeze leftovers in popsicle forms for later or run the whole thing through an ice cream maker for a softer frozen treat. Please note, the freezing process freezing kills most of the live cultures in the yogurt (but it still tastes delicious!)

Incredible! (3 ratings)
Quick S'mores for 1

A quick chocolate fix without the guilt!

A full size Hershey milk chocolate bar has 210 calories & over 13 grams of fat. Yet, take a quarter of that, add a single marshmallow & 2 squares of graham crackers and you have a gooey, chocolate treat with only 136 calories & 4.7 grams of fat. Just don't eat the rest of the bar!!!

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Spring's Favorites
These are just recipes I make frequently. Most of them are variations of common foods I have come up with over time, although when I find a recipe I like from someone else I add that too. I've got 5 people in the house so many of these make a high volume of food.