Recipes I've Shared:

Dukan - Chocolate Oat Bran Muffins

Each muffin has one tablespoon of oat bran in it - so you can have one and a half per day on Attack or two per day on Cruise. I have these for a breakfast on the go!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Dukan Vanilla No Rice Pudding / Breakfast

Suitable for Dukkan diet. Very versatile - can be pre-prepared and eaten for breakfast, or warm or cold as a dessert.

This is based on a recipe I originally found on the internet somewhere but I've cooked it many times now and its undergone a few changes.

Crock Pot Dukan Spicy Chicken

Suitable for the Dukan diet but other family members will love it, too.

Suitable for Dukan New York style Lemon Baked Cheesecake

Very satisfying. Great for Dukan diet or less than 200 cals per portion

Spicy Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash soup

Very warming for a winter's day lunch.

Almost Delia's Yorkshire Puddings

Foolproof recipe for Yorkshire Puddings.

Fat Free Sponge Cake

Very quick to make - essential when only a slice of cake will do.

Crunchy Banana Dessert

This is a very simple but lovely oaty banana dessert for those days when you need something sweet but healthy

Bombay Potatoes

A spicy potato side for steak, chicken or fish