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Incredible! (1 rating)
Artichoke heart, sissoo spinach, and sun ripened tomato dip (1/4 c. Serv. size)

Warm. A little spicy and tangy. I use homegrown sissoo spinach (which must be cooked) and canned artichokes in water. Since I rarely have cream cheese or parm, I use white organic cheddar. My family is always happy.

mayonEASY (ss=1 T)

easy to make mayo....more like an aioli? it has garlic and a bit of olive oil for flavor. can make it plain as well, just use all canola, and omit the spices.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Butter mochi

Butter mochi is chewy and gelatinous, but sweet and onolicious! This recipe is not exactly low-cal, but it is good for a crowd. If you leave it on the table at home, you will snack on it all make it for skinny friends and treat yourself to a sample. DO NOT will get hard.

adapted from a recipe at

chayote tvp chili-vegan 1 cup serving

a work in progress....
no need prep TVP in advance. it absorbs cooking liquids and spices.

Green Sauce (Cilantro Lime Dressing) - 1 tsp

We just call it 'green sauce' because it's a fridge staple. But really it's more like a THICK dressing...

We make this weekly and put it on EVERYTHING! Salads, rice, salmon, beans, wraps, nachos, you name it.

It needs at least 4 hours for the flavors to meld...even better overnight, so be patient!

You can also use it in dip...just add plain yogurt and cream cheese!

Very Good (1 rating)
quinoa salad-easy

serving size = one cup.
red quinoa and frozen mixed veggies with canned olives, artichoke hearts and tomatoes. simple and healthy...add fresh herbs and spices to your personal taste.