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Recipes I've Shared:

Coffee chia banana smoothie

A very simple, not sweet, vegan breakfast smoothie

low carb colcannon

The Irish favorite of greens and mashed potatoes but with cauli-pots instead of pure high carb potato.

Vegan creamy horchata no sugar added

raw cashews make this recipe thick and creamy while the dates sweeten without white sugar

Molasses millet and amaranth

A hot cereal full of nutritional goodness

Beans and greens

kale and chard braised in white beans

tempeh (with flaxseed) mushroom nopales taco filling GLUTEN FREE

A high fiber, high protein vegan taco filling that will fill you up and keep you from being hungry all morning!

raspberry chipotle baked tofu

tofu with a baked on raspberry chipotle sauce

Mushroom millet cauliflower mash

Low fat low carb mashed potato substitute

Vegan Sorizzo Posole

The flavor of chorizo and posole with all veggie ingredients! Plus the nutritional and color boost of kale!!

Rice and Urad Dal Dosas

A gluten free, vegan, sour-dough-like, flat bread that is VERY LOW calorie!

smooth and creamy hummus

A low calorie creamy hummus that is super easy to make!

green chicken and rice stew

a nice spring crock-pot meal

Quinoa, edemame, chard salad

A great quick protein rich salad

Cashew Tamari Kale

A quick pan stir fried kale that is awesome as a small entree or side dish

quick dinner hash

left over beef, sausage added to potatoes in a skillet make a quick hearty dinner in about 15 minutes

Soyrizzo hash

A vegan gluten free one-pot meal that is colorful, filling and just the thing for a quick mid-winter meal out of pantry foods. Note: this uses a vegetarian substitute for Mexican Chorizo, not the Spanish version of Chorizo. Big difference between the two.

Simple plum syrupy jam

just fruit, a little sugar cooked and cooled. Yummy.

Gluten Free homemade bacon and cheddar ravioli (or Pierogies or dumplings)

A GF pasta recipe from Bette Hagman's book flavored with italian spices and filled with bacon and cheddar. Good served cooked with a smidge of olive oil alone, or with marinara sauce over them.


starter must ferment first

Nona or Aunt Bernice's Caramel Icing for Applesauce cake

This is the icing mentioned in my Applesauce cake recipe

Nona or Aunt Bernice's Apple Sauce Cake turned Gluten Free

My grandmother and her sister swapped recipes often, and later in life, they argued over who first encountered which recipe. I've modified this for our modern, and gluten free lifestyle.

Cilantro yogurt sauce

We don't like cucumbers so Raita is avoided except to dip the spoon into it and enjoy the onion-y yogurt flavor. I think this might work as a substitute.

Mushrooms, peppers and shallots

A nice thing to have on hand. The exact composition varies with what is freshest at the moment. Make up a skillet on Sunday afternoon and have it handy for the start of the week.

I use this as a vegan taco filling, potato topper, burger topper (veggie or grass fed upon occasion) or eaten all by itself.


An Italian vegan, no tomato sauce version of a household favorite called George


Basic recipe found on line

Incredible! (1 rating)
Vegetable Jalfrezi

Using Peacock spice company curry powder and directions

Jicama and carrot pickle

A slaw like salad that is crisp and yummy in the summertime!

Peppers, shallot, onion and garlic sauteed

A good vegetable extender for many meals. Uses include taco topping instead of cheese, adding to migas for breakfast, topping baked potatoes. The variations and uses are endless. Enjoy!

Teri's Gluten free Cream(Y) Mushroom soup(ish)

A passable Gluten Free substitute when recipes call for cream of mushroom condensed soup

Rice cooker Mexican rice

Fat free easy Mexican rice

Cabbage and pancetta

similar to spinach wilted with bacon but with cabbage and Italian bacon

An Indian inspired Carne Guisada

An Indian inspired Carne Guisada. Almost too hot to eat, next time half the curry sauce! full of veg. Gluten free.

Thai red beef curry

red curry made with beef and veggies on hand

Emeril's barbecue sauce

Barbecue sauce for pulled pork