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Recipes I've Shared:

yogurt dip/dressing

for potatoes, salad, crackers...

Garden Oatmeal Muffins

delicious gluten free muffins with zucchini, carrots and apple.

Carrot, chick pea and parsley salad

I love parsley and baby carrots. Garbanzo beans make a nice clean protein and are great cold.

gluten free pumpkin graham waffers

a cross between a graham wafer and a ginger snap - only chewy not snappy.

no crust zucchini quiche - gluten free

crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Great for the lunch box.


A drink to get you through workouts or the flu season by replacing electrolytes.

strawberry banana mango frozen dessert using soft tofu

a frozen dessert made with a blender. all fruit is frozen before you start. I used strawberry, banana and mango but any fruit would do. I wouldn't substitute the bananas, that is what gives it the creamy sweetness. You can't taste the tofu - honest!I used goat milk because that is what we drink but you could use any milk, coconut, almond, soy. You kind of need it to keep the blender going (add a little at a time) I made a ton because I didn't want to make it everyday but I want to eat it often and my family love it! You can use it as a smoothie base.

multi grain granola

a multi grain granola with protien from nuts and seeds for breakfasts, snacks, baking. You can add coconut or dried fruit. serve with fresh fruit and yogurt. substitute almonds, pecans etc.

veggi stirfry

Vegetable to serve with chicken, pork. Makes lots so you can save some for lunches. My daughter loves it in her school lunch as long is it is not over cooked.

orzo/garbanzo bean and goat cheese salad with lemon-garlic

Quick and easy. A nice lunch to pack to work. very health and satisfying


a dip for nacos or vegetables. it is garlicy and lemony and yummy.

cod with stir fry

serve for supper with brown rice or not. It cooks fast. . You have to be a bit of a multi tasker to get both the fish and the stirfry to the table hot and fresh at the same time. But it is worth it. The chopping of the vegetables takes the most time. I serve it to my kids before a big exam = brain food! they love it

shans granola with health sprinkles

serve with fruit yogurt, rice or almond milk

Rhubarb pudding with custard sauce (anne Linsey's Smart Cooking)

Tart Rhubard us a delicious contrast to this light sauce. The tartness will vary, depending on whether you use frozen, hothouse ofr home-grown rhubarb, so add sugar as necessary

cod bake with japanese style bread crumbs

Delicious cod,snapper,halibut takes 12 minutes to bake and is light and flavorful. Serve with rice pasta and spring mix salad greens for a great light meal.

Romain Heart Salad with Apples and Almonds

Serve with chicken fillets for a great supper or lunch

Incredible! (1 rating)
Health sprinkles

Sprinkle on smoothies, salads, yogurt, soup, cereal. A wonderful additive to boost energy, antioxidants, fiber and health. We find that adding these sprinkles to breakfast really helps to get us to lunch without being hungry.
Many of these ingredients come from the claimed South American Super Food category and are found at a health/organic food store. You can add other healthy products as long as it is ground or sprinkle sized. for example Macca is not in this recipe but it is wonderful to add as well.

chicken/veggie stir fry

Fast Easy and yummy. You can add what ever is in your fridge, seeds or nuts, tofu or whatever. Serve with rice. After it is done you can add a tbsp of your favorite curry sause or salsa to mix up the flavors.

lemon garlic salad dressing

add any herb seasoning - 2 tsp. (parsley, club house Italian seasoning, Greek seasoning)

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

breakfasts / smoothies
smoothies, granola, eggs,
salsas, sauces and marinades
guacamole, salsa, chili pastes, curries, chutneys, marinades, dips, spreads, spice mixes
sea food / fish
protien vegetarian
breads, crackers wheat/gluten free