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Recipes I've Shared:

Almond Cherry Chews

Tasty Chewy cookie with a lovely almond essence

Egg & Chorizo Breakfast Burritos

Easy to fix, Freezes well and reheats nicley for a warm breakfast on the go.

Nim's Ambrosia

Coconut is an optional ingredient, but I have not added it here because I do not want to throw off the calorie / carb count on this recipe. It will be listed under Ambrosia 2

Mushroom Arugula Saute

Quick, delicious and healthy, this makes a wonderful light lunch that travels well.

Iggy's Figgy Jam

My fig tree, Iggy, sets lot's of figs every year, but they tend to ripen all at once. I find the best thing to do with a surplus is to make a simple jam. This is very fast, quite delicious and is just lovely with a small slice of Manchego cheese

Mushroom Asparagus Frittata

Lovely and light, just right with a salad or sliced tomatoes, this frittata is a snap to prepare and is wonderful for breakfast or dinner, hot or cold.


Stracciatella is a wonderful Italian soup that at first may look complicated, but is actually one of the easiest soups you will ever make, and frankly, once you make it, you can serve it at any dinner with complete confidence. It is delicious, and has a complexity of flavors that will leave your guests wondering where you learned to cook like that.

Pork Chops L'Orange

Meltingly delicious, fragrant, citrusy chops with just the right amount of zing. This is my take on the classic duck L'Orange. This sauce and method works equally well on chicken.

White Bean and Pork Chili

A different spin on Chili, this is a lovely spicy chili. Perfect for a cold winter afternoon

Rosemary Lemon Grilled Chicken Breasts

Another super simple dish that is a breeze for a weeknight, but is tasty enough for company on the weekend. I use the Foreman grill on weeknights, but these are great on the BBQ, or even in the oven

Spinach Frittata

Simple and yummy ~ This is an easy fix for any meal. Because it is so fast to whip up, it is great for breakfast on a work morning. I like it just by itself, but it is also great on toast and is easy to eat on the run

Incredible! (1 rating)
Breakfast Lentils

I like to set this to simmer in the morning while I am getting ready for work. It is a nice change of pace from Oatmeal, is savory, delicious and is loaded with protein.

Sauteed Cabbage

Super Fast, Super Easy and Super tasty ~ I actually like this a quick breakfsat or lunch on the weekend. You can leave out or reduce the olive oil if you really want to save calories!