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Ina's Lemon Garlic Parm Broccoli

I love Roasted Broccoli so when I came upon this recipe from Ina Garten I had to share!

Amy's Butternut Squash Soup

when simplicity and deliciousness meet a squash this is their love child. Also its super healthy and low in calories!

Pancetta Mixed Bean Soup

I like to think of this as my rainy day soup!

Mixed Bean Soup

I like to think of this as my rainy day soup!

White bean veggie dip and sandwich spread

A lite alternative for hummus. Great as a dip or used on sandwiches and crackers.

Tuna Lettuce Wraps (Super Quick and Easy!)

Eat as a super light and filling lunch or a greater starter for a fresh summer meal. Packed with nutrients and absolutely guilt free!

White Bean and Sausage Italian Soup

Great hearty soup to warm you up in the winter, but light enough to not slow you down! The smell alone of this soup will have everyone drooling. Just leave out the sausage and you have a great, protein rich, VEGETARIAN option!!!!

Incredible! (1 rating)
Lemon Grass Detox Tea (hot or cold!)

This (caffiene free) tea is a refreshing summer beverage served cold with mint and honey or a soothing brew great in the winter with a hint of maple. Lemon grass is renowned for its detoxing properties and benefits the kidneys and liver.

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Detox Delights
Recipes that are easy on the body and help cleanse it of waste and toxins. Hearty enough to keep you full but light enough to energize.