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Recipes I've Shared:

egg salad, with cottage cheese

simple egg salad, add salt and pepper to your liking. nice and easy! I used 9 eggs because that was all I had, and a serving is 1/5 cup of egg salad (this batch i made, makes 6 whole servings of a 1/5 cup of egg salad perfect for going on a sandwhich, and then you can have that on bread or crackers or whatever it is that you may like. it's filling and doesn't have so many calories that you can't eat anything else. Enjoy!

Also, I made this with a little bit of mayo, and 2% cottage cheese. You could easily make this more healthy by substituing plain yogurt for the mayo, or use only cottage cheese. The cottage cheese gives you a good boost in protein.

great for picnics, cookouts, lunches, before sporting events etc.