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Carrot Salad

Yup carrot salad it explans its self..its a simple thing to make and it's really good!

British Bacon Butties

Easy Recipe And Tastes Great.

The Real Full English Breakfast (British Style)

This is the Full English Breakfast that my soon to be mother in law taught me while i was there in england.and YES it's a real english's best as a brunch meal at the weekends..

Grandma's American Goulash

This recipe has been in my family for years and the serving is just a rough idea on how many it can serve and it's nutritional value..its very filling and tastes great with toasted sourdough bread its great when all u have is elbow macaroni,ground beef and stewed tomatoes.

British Chicken Kiev

This classic dish is so simple to make at home - add as much garlic as you think your friends and family will like!..

You can also use dried parsley.

*Please Note This Recipe Serves 2*

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Recipes From Around The World
I got these recipes from pretty much around the world..And A Few Of Them A Family Recipes